Homeschooling week 1 2021

Hi everyone hope your well. Let me start by say wow what a whirlwind 2021 has turnt into I don’t think any of us though we’d be here again but I’m im trying to look on the bright side. This week has been quite testing and quite frankly I don’t think I’m the best teacher but we’ve been having a good go.

Emily was due to go back to school Tuesday we had lots of tears and tantrums because at six she just can’t comprehend why this is happening again. I’ve spent this week trying to console her and make the best of the situation many of us are in. I’ve created a sort of routine by planning out each day making we’ve got some fun stuff as well as learning I’ve found this time round we’ve found a much better balance. I have been to hard on us and our capabilities and I’m still filled with anxiety and doubt we’re doing a good enough job but we’re sticking to it best we can.

Wednesday was our first proper homeschooling day on Tuesday I let the kids have free reign before it all had to get serious which I feel was a good decision for us and everything seems to plan out. Back to Wednesday I tried to create a calm non stressful learning environment I put away all the unnecessary technology and turned off the tv. I set Emily up with some home-learning book which we already had left over from the last time and read through the work I had been sent. The school kindly sent over a work with a time table which for the most part we stuck too but some wouldn’t load… thanks sky and your brilliant connection not! We managed to get through it took us a very long time but we got there in the end.

Thursday I woke up feeling like death thank you to my lovely monthly surprise that make me feel so ill so we didn’t do much work but we focused on reading and phonics. I did feel quilt by the end of the day and felt angry at myself for not doing more. It wasn’t until the evening and I finally sat down I thought to myself you did your best isn’t the end of the world I think throughout all this we need to be a lot kinder to ourselves it’s ok to have a bad day.

Friday back to normal learning still felt like death but was alot better. We managed all the school work and Emily even read me a chapter of George’s marvellous medicine I was so impressed at how confident her reading has become and her willingness to learn. It really showed me how resilient and how well she has been able to adapt through all of of this pandemic I’m feeling very proud and I’m looking forward to Monday when we start a new week. I’ll be sharing all the resources I’ve come across tommorow evening all free of course us parents have to stick together and support each other.

How did your first week of homeschooling go and what are your top tips for getting stuff done through this lockdown. Thanks for reading and I hope you all safe and well.

Jade x

Ashton Court Model Railway

The lovely Ashton court model railway is a great afternoon out. There are two 1/3 mile long tracks with several trains running which is brilliant as the kiddos don’t have to wait for ages for a turn and they can have a go on all the different trains. Really reasonable prices as well which is even better. Suitable for all ages.

On our trip, we took a ball, kite and yummy picnic which we enjoyed while watching trains. Surrounded by beautiful greenery, happy children and a lovely view.

Situated in the heart of Ashton court, access to toilet and a delightful tea shop where you can purchase ice cream and drinks among other things. There is also a bike hire and a golf course.

All in all a brilliant day and a great way to spend a boring Sunday or bank holiday in the sun highly recommended. Not only a great day out but also a brilliant place to make happy memories with the people you love.



Important info 

running days 2019

March         Sunday 31st
April            Sunday 7th, Sunday 21st, Monday 22nd
May             Sunday 5th, Monday 6th, Sunday 19th, Sunday 26th, Monday 27th
June            Sunday 9th, Sunday 16th, Sunday 30th
July              Sunday 14th, Sunday 21st
August         Sunday 4th, Sunday 18th, Sunday 25th, Monday 26th
September  Sunday 8th, Sunday 22nd
October       Sunday 6th, Sunday 13th, Sunday 27th



Abbots Leigh Rd, Bristol BS8 3PX


Ticket price

6 rides for 5.50 and under 2s ride free


Thanks for reading x