Preparing for 2021 compers editions

Hi everyone,  Merry Christmas and happy new year. Hope you everyone been really lucky in the advents . Whether your a seasoned comper or not here are some tips and tricks to get your comping in order ready for 2021. The week between Christmas and New Years is a very good time for a post-Christmas digital clear out. So as the comps are slowing down or like me you’ve been banned on Instagram here are some ways to spend your post advent withdrawals time.

1. Notebooks and diaries.

Keeping a diary of wins is a great way to keep track of what you’re waiting for as well as documenting all the wins you’ve had throughout the year. You can also keep track of yearly special dates which you might encourage seasonal comps or 3 hehe. Thank you to my friend mummy overload for my lovely notebook,

2. Instagram clear out I use the Instagram cleaner app but be careful not to unfollow too many or you may get a ban I tend to do 50 a day so far it’s been ok. I Started with the inactive accounts. The app does cost 1.99 but in my opinion so worth it saves so much time.


3. Twitter clear out I use unfollowerstat to unfollow inactive accounts so easy to use you can unfollow 30 a day for free. simply sign up with your twitter so good :). I had 1000 accounts that hadn’t even logged in for 2 years .

4. Unsubscribe from mailing lists but don’t be too hasty as some wins may still come in the new year if you’ve gone advent mad like me.

5. Create a wish-list I put mine on the first page of my diary and hope for the best!

There are probably many more tips I could have included but I’d say these would make a great start. What do you do to prepare for a new comping year I’d love to know please comment below. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a very lucky and happy new year.

Jade x

December 2019 wins

Hi everyone one , happy new year hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas and great New Year’s Eve fun. This month was very slow for me I was nearing 200 a day for the first 12 days and around 80 a day until the end of advent. I resumed normal comping after Boxing Day tho I admit I have a comping addiction even on Xmas eve and Boxing Day evening I could resist entering a few final comps was a great way to wind down.

An instant win of a one-pot cookbook from Filippo Beria.

Another instant win this time from nestle a stormtrooper cereal unit think this may still be running. Went into Emily’s stocking she loves it knew she would.

Another instant from the Iggle piggle advent was a colouring sheet Harrison liked it.

A lovely Facebook non-advent win from oxeygen freejumping of the Playmobil movies and Christmas stocking of movie merch Emily was so chuffed and Harrison loved the cup and T-shirt there so good at Sharing most of the time hehe.


A painting on Instagram so lovely ,  wish I had that kind of talent 😊.

Next was an amazing ps1 bundle I’ve gifted to Liam for Christmas has been so fun playing the old games with our kids thank you to games4eva on Facebook we love this prize and they kindly added a couple of extras as well as a memory card and second controller.

A fab bundle of Christmas books and little dish dinners won on Instagram from the little dish will keep Harrison going a while we gave a few away as we had a lot and it’s nice to share.

A lovely bundle of beauty products from a fellow blogger mummy_overload and random comment picker really wanted this one a little treat for me😂.

Now this was a huge win and I’m 💯 percent sure I’m the best niece ever aren’t I uncle nick 😛 I won two hospitality tickets to Bristol city can’t wait for him to enjoy them MERRY CHRISTMAS I simply tagged him and said I’d like to win as he took me to my first match so I’d like to win for him and I did Yay. This was a Facebook advent win from butcombe brewery in Bristol.

A lovely mini tea party prize from Disney junior on FB I think it’s this one but could be any my FB notifications have gone nuts by this point of the month lol either way very grateful the Disney tea party is moth Tuesday mornings at eleven if you fancy having a go.

And lastly I’ve won a stocking full of lilets which I’m going to donate to the local children’s centre and food bank :).

A very nice month for wins I feel very lucky can’t wait to see what the new year brings happy new year and have a lucky 2020 xx

My November wins and a fun product test 2019 x

Hi all can we believe it’s the start of advents tomorrow where he’s the year gone? I’m so excited I love the build-up and the excitement of it all today I’ve been unfollowing and unsubscribing like a crazy woman and I’ve managed to clear comps DB and compers news mag don’t think I could be any more ready hehe. I’ve had an alright month with wins but I’ve been a bit distracted with Harrison’s birthday amongst other stuff. I decided to add some of my amazing freebies and product tests to hope you enjoy :).

My first win was a bucket of chocolate surprise eggs on Twitter. I think Harrison’s photo swung it for us.

My second win was from a free spin on buzz bingo 25 cash.

My third win was a ten-pound amazon Voucher from coop talking shop survey site.

My fourth win was a kinder animal run will add photo when arrives. Keep an eye on the kinder site as theyve often got comps.

My fifth win was a 10 pounds sky store voucher so I brought the kids home on DVD they watch it soo good perfect for comping time haha.

My sixth win was a 25-pound amazon voucher from a survey I filled out in lucky learners. Thank you again to Kate for running and sharing the comp I bought Harrison birthday decorations so handy x

Our seventh prize was a web entry on titan books the Addams family merchandise bundle kids loved it so much I didn’t manage to snap a proper picture Harrison loved the spider backpack and Emily the notebook and pen 🙂 x

My eighth prize was another 25 pound cash from sky bingo on twitter handy.

Lastly I’ve won 1 month of dare shakes and shaker on Instagram. These are meant to brilliant and make you feel more energised which I certainly need atm. May do a full review in Jan.

Finally not a prize but one of the best product tests we’ve had a baby alive doll which my daughter absolutely loves and Harrison likes to feed her too so much so thank you to home-tester club see my product testing posts (here) and (here) if your interested in signing up I used all the sites listed and promise there not dodgy also see (here) for another panel I love.

Thanks for reading hope everyone gets really lucky on advents and please comment below your favourite wins of the month. I hope you all have a really lucky December and a lovely Christmas from my family to yours xx

Why and how i enter and win competitions and how you can too !

Hiya all as most of you know im a very enthusiastic COMPER I think it’s literally the best hobby in the world so rewarding and you get the ULTIMATE FREEBIES.  I started comping a couple of years ago just after Christmas in February I recall we were already skint and my daughters birthday was looming too, a very stressful time I must admit. It started as getting free samples online they usually come in the post a short while after you sign up , then I stumbled across an article I think on the daily mirror site about a lady called di who enters and win thousands of pounds worth of prizes including a car and lots of holidays to amazing places she has a brilliant comping blog and lots of unboxings on youtube . I literally thought to myself wowzers I wonder if I could win too and after a while, I did my first prize was a ten-pound b&q voucher and a tape measure from can on Facebook proved to me can win. It was like winning on a scratchcard that feeling you get and now I’m hooked. I have been so lucky able to share my prizes with my family and friends.

Some of the prizes we won last year 😀 I am very fortunate. One year I managed to win  all the presents which were crazy and my son has been the cheapest baby I’m telling you I’ve been so lucky won his pram, his cot bedding, clothes, breastfeeding pillow, bottles, toiletries  and I’ve won so many nappies the boy has grown out of them even tho I had given away 12 bags some to food bank some to friends even had some left I’ve been so lucky . The possibilities are endless I’ve seen people post about so many once in a lifetime prizes holiday’s to watch the world cup, cruise’s lots of Disney Florida trip us next hopefully, you name it they’ve probably won it there’s even a new trend of  winning a house competitions you buy raffle tickets to win …. its amazing .

Mind-blowing isn’t it with just an internet connection, device phone/tablet or computer some spare time you can win amazing things on the internet that are both useful and can be life-changing. I also find it a great way to channel my anxiety occupies the mind. It’s quite exciting you never know when you’re gonna win or what it will be. If you’d like to give it a go I’ve listed how and where I enter below everyone has their own style of comping this is just what I do. Would people be interested in monthly comping updates to let me know ill add a new comping section if I can figure it out hehe ❤

How I enter a competition

Competition database  

Very easy to use just sign up and you’re on your way to winning wooo. This website is great as it lists everything from types of comps as well as being able to search for something you want. It’s a great site as all the comps are listed in one place and if you press enter here takes you directly there and tells you what to do to enter, then go back marked as entered then onto the next one Hehe. I tend to enter the ending today ones as I don’t like waiting too long to win haha. I mostly do web entry and Instagram when the kids are in bed and I’ve got the soaps on a split screen with the comps aha multitasking at its best. A separate email account for comping is a good idea but don’t put the wording comper/competition in the email address I don’t think it matters but it may hinder your chances of winning.

Some purchase comps

I like the ones where you can reuse the same codes or barcodes and enter daily with it.

Others you enter you may need to keep the receipt and can only enter once always read the terms and conditions which are on the packaging but if your still not sure check the website.


Social media

My preference is Instagram as its quick and easy in my opinion you. Facebook is ok but them pesky sods like to unlike pages and block you from posting if you share too many I’ve been banned a few times. Twitter is nice and easy as well usually as easy as a follow like and retweet I like to add a picture and relevant comment where I can I feel it helps, there’s literally an abundance of competitions to enter.

Comping friends 

I am also very lucky to have some AMAZING comping friend which I have met online who tag me in so much I am very grateful I love hearing about all your wins and talking competitions with you all and as for your unboxing videos I love them the 😀 best way to stay motivated. Thank you to you all.

Lastly before I write a you all a long novel just me gushing about competition wins and my comping friends I will say don’t try to enter them all I honestly think that impossible there are just too many you’ll end up COMPIE (comping zombie), never give your bank details out and only enter to win the thing you want or need then you’ll be able to use your comping time more efficiently (learnt that the hard way lol). Just have fun and enjoy it is free after all anything you win is a bonus. 2018 has been my best comping year yet just gets better and better I’m beyond grateful.

Good Luck and happy comping if you win anything please post below id love to know if I actually help people, also if you’re a camper how did you start comping I’m nosey hehe I may in the future do a monthly win post if people would like me too. thanks for reading and happy comping  ❤