Tildabow’s review

Hi everyone, hope you are well today I have a very colourful fun review for you. Some of you may no Emily is a brand rep for Tildabows which is run by the lovely Liz. She creates so many wonderful and unique bows and accessories I decided to write about, as i myself and Emily really enjoy the bow-tiful designs. We love having the collection we have and I don’t care if I’m too old to bow I’m gonna anyway hahaaaaa.

There are a vast array of bows that suit all budgets as well as lots of fun extras like bow holders and reward charts which I  cannot wait to arrive this week we definitely need them… send nanny McPhee. Im very accustoms to the skull snap clips I bought so well made and actually tame this crazy hair of mine. The quality of the bow trumps any you can buy at the shop so precisely cut and made impeccably I really can’t fault them at all.

Emily favourite is its beautiful giraffe called lucy but to be honest, I think there all her favourites she can never wear just one and is always on the prowl for more on my  Instagram haha.

Tildabows also has a giveaway running atm any order on the website is eligible to win ten-pound store credit and you can use code EMILY10 for a discount on your order. we do not get a commission but we do get a discount for our own orders. This isn’t a sponsored post I’m just sharing with you a bow company we believe in we’ve never been a brand rep before so please to be able to do it just for fun and to support a small business which we loved long before we were reps.

Shop here: https://www.tildabows.co.uk/ Follow here: https://www.instagram.com/tilda_bows/

This is Emily birthday bow couldn’t resist literally bows for all occasions and all ages.

Today tilda bows opened after her christmas break some new and wonderful items avalible now use code emily10 for a discount.Thanks for reading and good luck.

Jade x

Savvy ways to give your food shop the chop!

Hi all hope you are well, it’s been a crazy few months and being frugal is more important than ever with unemployment rising and the children being home 24/7 and constantly demanding food. I’ve been working hard to get our bills down and to eliminate the amount of food waste we create. I’m actually quite embarrassed to admit most of our money was going on food and stupidly I’d order a take away when we had a full fridge. Cancelling our weekly takeaway has saved us 30 quid a week.

  • My first tip is to meal plan and stick to it. This is a new thing for me but I’ve found over the past three months has really helped to not only waste less food and money but is probably helping waistline too. This has saved us another £30 a week.

  • Buy own brand where possible. Usually tastes the same or very similar to the bigger brands and you’ll also find the salt and sugar content may be lower too so double win really.

  • Order online with your meal plan in tow and always check the cupboards before you shop. I’m guilty of having 6 packs of fish fingers in the freezer because I didn’t check.


Bento box review and meal ideas. (#AD)

Hi , beautiful hope you are well. I cannot believe its almost christmas already 11 days to go can you believe it. Ive been running around in circles trying to get organised. I was planning on doing gift guides but weve enjoyed this bento box so much over the past few days i really wanted to do a stand alone post. Some of you will know i have two fussy eaters on my hand they both used to eat so well i dont know whats happend.

Emily refuses to eat meat and harrison is the oppisite and wont eat veggies they usually eat what they like then swap plates little monkeys.

We were sent this really cute White manekineko box which emily claimed faster than i could open the box. The quality is impecable and its very durable which is very important with small children and very clumsy mummys. Emily really loves the really cute design and we will be ordering lovely samurai for harrison this will stop the squabbles and how adorbale will the packed lunches be. The portion sizes and the handy compartments make it so handy and allows for all kinds diets. I think they could be quite good for children with sensory disorders as you able to seprate the snacks into there own section. This bento box is BPA-free plastics. Microwave & dishwasher safe with inner flexible lid removed. It also comes with a handy elastic band to keep everything together on the go.

Manekinko bentos

Bento box meal ideas for fussy eater.

1- Veggie sticks (cucumber pepper carrot sticks) , dip in the middle mine like to have yougurts and mint.

2- Peanut butter and banana sushi rolls , middle cherry tomato and grapes.

3- Tuna and sweetcorn pasta

4- Rolled up ham or salami , boiled eggs bread sticks tomatos and grapes.

5- More of breakfast but still yummy gronola at the bottem and natural yogurt in the middle with a spoon of honey drizzled in.

If your looking for a packed lunch solution, or fussy eating solution in my case sous chef has a great range of bentos boxes perfect for all the family all avalible online at : Https://www.souschef.co.uk/collections/bento-boxes. I for one would love to recieve one for christmas such a lovely gift and you could hide some goodies for an extra surprise. We are beyond happy with our and we are excited to create some more bentos frienly meals , the possibilities are endless ill be posting some more bento meals In January when ill be adding budget friendly meal ideas and lots of handy store cuboard meals. we will be taking part in a no spend january (only fresh fruit veg and milk). Do you have a bento whats your favourite treat to enjoy from yours id love to know comment below. Thanks for reading and merry christmas.

Jade x

Ps sorry there arent many pictures harrison has managed to delete the ones id taken of the meals emily has enjoyed.

Prestige hamper review #Ad

Hi all hope you are well I know its september but with my favorite quickly approcaching ive teamed up with pristeage hampers to bring you a special review. I dont know about you but i love a hamper , they are in my opinion lovely gifts weather its a birthday , christmas , mothers day or a even moving in gift. When myself and and liam first moved into our first home we were given one which helped us out alot ive been hooked ever since. I alway like to plan what kind of gifts i want to get people around this time when im done with the birthdays.

About prestige hampers

Prestige hampers are a wonderful online company with a excellent trust pilot review , and the only uk hamper company who do. They fill there hampers with the finest wines , cheeses and treats. All of the wonderful product are all locally sourced . They offer a huge range of hampers for all occassions from christmas to afternoon tea theres a fabulous treat for all.

The hamper royale

As a family we have been able to enjoy this wonderful hamper in a few different ways. An afternoon tea picnic and a lovely date night just myself and liam.

I must admit im really looking forward to buying another for an extra treat this christmas for us and a family member or two i wont mention names because there nosey and will spoil the surprises. Im also pleased to report after trying every product in the hamper each and every item has been really delicious and to our taste. Its been great trying so many locally sourced products and weve really enjoyed them.

upon opening the hamper which was so delicatly packaged you could really see the care that had been put into creating and sorcing the products within they all seemed to compliment each other. I automatically envisioned what i wanted to do with each of the items. My daughter emily was quite funny she said oooo its a royal hamper like the queen has she sweet .Harrison decided he was going to savage the sweets and my partner liam ran off with the vilot creams we were all very happy.The really is something for all the family to enjoy.

I feel being given a prestige hamper is like being given a box of love carefully curated with the best products. I cant fault them at all. I also noticed on the website alot of the hampers can be delievered the next working day which is so good if your like me and forget occassions.All in all for us has been a great expericance i cant reccomend enough what are your thought on hampers as gifts have you ever recieved one ? What did you think?.

Thanks for reading Jade x

Granny franny’s big red bus childrens book review

Hi everyone hope you are well i cant quite believe its coming up to end of august , itll be christmas before we know it ….YAY. Me and the children have been spending more time reading and doing school work this week to prepare for back to school next wednesday …im not counting down the days i swear haha. We have kindly been gifted a wonderful new book called Granny Franny’s big red bus written and illistrated but Sonia Beldom.

About the authour

Sonia beldom had a lifelong dream of becomming a bus driver and she made her dreama relaity in 2018. She wrote granny franny’s big red bus during the covid-19 pandemic to help raise money for bus-related charitys.

About the book

Granny Frannys is a really fun story about franny whom takes her grandchildren on an amazing adventure. both fun and captivating both my chilren absolutly adored the story and the lovely illistrations theyve even requested it again for bedtime.I think we have a new favourite.

Where to purchase


The Granny Franny website. https://www.grannyfrannysbigredbus.com/

I must admit we do own alot of books but granny franny’s big red bus is brillaint and was definalty missing from out collection it so fun and exciting and makes the perfect bedtime story filling little minds with big dreams.

Thanks for reading Jade x

BIRCHBOX August 2020 review

Hi everyone happy Monday hope your well. On Saturday I revived my latest Birchbox this months theme is ‘SELF LOVE CLUB’ Inside this month box was 2 full size items and 3 sample sized. It was nice to receive a box that wasn’t so skincare heavy as lately they have been saturated with repeats and skincare I don’t have enough face for all of it haha.

Inside my box

  • Real her incredible bronzer. A really nice shade not to deep. Great pigment and blends out really well so wasn’t left with harsh lines.
  • A lord and berry eyeliner in gold which is fun as we always get black. I really liked the formula and it’s made me feel all Christmassy anyone else ready for it.


  • VQ pineapple gommage which is a gentle exfoliant for all skin types. This left my face feeling so soft and clean I think I might treat myself to a full size hehe.


  • Amika nourishing hair mask I haven’t tried yet but smells great. I do feel like I’ve received this before tho.
  • Sunny isle black Castor oil eyebrow and eyelash growth serum. I’ll be trying this out for a few weeks then will update you on Instagram tho I’ve heard great things about it. Follow me @mummyandmex2 on Instagram for updates. Use my code to get a fab discount off your first box Subscribe here.


All in all, I think was a great box and I’m looking forward to my September box the sneak peek looks right up my street but won’t spoil it for you. You can sign up here for a fab discount. Head over to my Instagram and enter my latest competition which ends 15/8/2020 https://www.instagram.com/p/CDYn-R2JBXL/ .Thanks for reading hope your enjoying the sun.

Jade x



DISCLAIMER : This post has an affiliate link but I subscribe myself and all opinions are my own x


Jana Reinhardt hippo necklace review and giveaway #AD

Hi everyone, happy august hope you are well I have a really really fun review and giveaway for you today. Sorry, I’ve been very quiet been strange few months but we’re back with a bang this month lots of comping posts, reviews and some good old rambles hehe. Anyway here’s the fun stuff I know how we all love a special giveaway see below for entry details.


About Jana Reinhardt

Jana was born in East Germany in 1978. She is an eminently qualified artist and goldsmith, passionate about designing and making jewellery for people who appreciate the lighter side of life. And shiny things. Jana works with her husband and business partner Ross Cutting, also a goldsmith. Jana started the business in 2006, so when Ross joined forces with her, he let her keep the name – he’s good like that.  With so many bespoke beautiful designs there really is a gift with meaning and sentiments. Made with love and so much care going into every detail of each piece. I think I’m going to have to start dropping hints to Liam now as on what I want for my birthday next month I really enjoy dainty necklaces simple yet beautiful.


The prize (worth £95.00)

A beautiful hippo necklace from the African collections. The hippopotamus in spirituality stands for creativity, stability and practicality reminding us to keep a grounded lifestyle, and In Egyptian mythology, the hippo stands for fertility, pregnancy and motherhood. This beautiful piece would make a wonderful gift for any mother or a special lady in your life trying to conceive.

This beautiful necklace is handcrafted in the UK and sits on a delicate 16/18 inch chain for full product info you can purchase below and discover lots of other bespoke treasures.

Product link: https://www.janareinhardt.com/products/hippo-necklace

To Enter the competition


To enter please follow me here and follow  Jana Reinhardt here and comment and tag a friend on my giveaway post. Extra entry if you share to your story but isn’t a condition of entry see my post here for further details winner will be selected on August 15th good luck.


Thanks for reading everyone and hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

Jade x




Toddler teeth brushing problems and Colgate minion toothbrush review. #AD

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. Today I want to talk to you about children’s dental hygiene and how I’ve magically stopped the toddler teeth brushing tantrums we’ve been dealing with. Harrison as many of you might no is 2 and a half and tantrum-prone everything is no atm and becoming a lot harder with him. Tho giving the current predicament we are all in, I imagine many of us are having similar issues all of our lives have stopped but I’ve found having a solid persistent routine is really help us.

Tips that may help

  • Let your child choose their own toothbrush.  Harrison has the  Colgate kids battery-powered toothbrush is brilliant so easy for the children to use so many fun designs too Harrison has the minon one which can be purchased here they are usually £7 pound but are currently on offer for £3.50 in Morrison (SEE HERE). This product was gifted by Colgate, but all views are my own and we were so impressed we bought one for Emily too. The bristles aren’t too harsh on tiny teeth and help the children use the right amount of toothpaste. There is also a battery include which I liked because that’s one thing I can never find in this house so was easy as opening swilling off the brush and brushing like normal there have been fewer tantrums and Harrison‘s teeth are looking extra clean. He is only two but is now showing me he wants to start brushing himself which I do let him a bit but I go over them first.
  • Let them see you brush your teeth to normalise it for them.
  • Make it fun we read a wonderful book called dinosaur Douglas and the beastly bugs both Harrison and Emily love the story and encourage healthier eating too which is great too.
  • Reward charts – This is new for us but my two really like getting there stars each day for doing their little routines of brushing twice a day they have to do it’s every day or no star there are a few other things I get then to do Im trying to encourage self-care.


The Nhs recommends taking your child/ren to the dentist when their first milk teeth appear and brushing teeth twice a day. It is a great way to get them used to it and a very healthy habit to have. I hope this helps I know what nightmare teeth brushing can be with children and toddlers, have you any fun tips on how you get your little monkeys to brush their teeth? I’d love to know comment below.Thanks for reading.


Jade x




( Disclaimer – * This product was gifted by Colgate, but all views are my own*.



Dinkleboogifts personalised book review #ad

Hi everyone hope your well. Sorry I’ve been quiet for a while life has been been crazy this whole year has been but we won’t go into that. We have kindly gifted two wonderful personalised books from a lovely company called dinkyboo gifts (linked below). As you know we are a family of bookworms the children made quick work of these think we’ve found our new bedtime story they love being the stars of there own adventures:

Princess Emily’s story , is a fun filled story about a day in the life of a princess. This adorable story is very engaging and Emily absolutely loved every bit of it and she could fluently read it on her own.

Harrison visits the zoo another great story filled with adventure also easy to follow and kept him engaged the whole time. which for 2 year old is fantastic as there attention spans and somewhat limited. This is the most requested book in the house atm even caught Emily reading it to him once or twice which is adorable. They have been crazy this past week I won’t lie.I approciate the fact they love a good story and it settles them when there being asbo kids.

I think these, as well as the other stories on the website, are a wonderful buy. I would highly recommend as a birthday or Christmas gift. I know as a child I would of loved them so much.

Head over to their Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/dinkleboogifts/ and a take a look you wont be disappointed. If you dont have Instagram here is a link to there website where you will not only find these lovely stories but and array of wonderful gifts https://www.dinkleboo.com/uk/?sntp=instagram&sncp=offer18 there are also quite a few sale items too.


To be the center of a storybook universe , In such endearing colourful books really ignites a passion for reading. Thanks for reading  Jade xx

Triyit box review

Hi everyone, hope you are well. Sorry for being quiet in recent days there’s been a lot going on. Today im sharing with you my latest Triy it box review and its a good one. Triyit is completely free the lovely company match you to campaign and send you a free box which is great. Sign up here and fill in all the surveys and wait, it’s as easy as that. You may not match all of them but its really fun when you do.

Inside my box

1x Kellogs rice crispy squares birthday cake thins. The children ate this halved it and they were very impressed great snack for them. There was no mess which always mean its a winner in this house haha.

1x Starbuck mocha frappuccino. My favourite cold coffee really pleased to have received it, I think some others received some coffee pods.

1x Arla protein in chocolate flavour. Liam had this he said was really nice and he has gone on to buy more so was winner for us.

1 x sweet and hot Jack links beef jerky. Absolutely delicious made a great mid-morning snack.



For us, this was brilliant box something for everyone ill definitely be purchasing more of most of the items if not all. Did you receive a box this month if so what did you think? If product testing is something you’re interested in see this post here for more fun.


Thanks for reading Jade x