Emily’s airhop party

Wow it’s July already where has the year gone as many of you know I was lucky enough to win private hire to air-hop in March with Sam fm a local radio station.

It has been really lovely to arrange with them originally was private hire for 250 people with 12 dominos pizza and unlimited drinks and some of the there socks for each person. When booking I mentioned I would be using the win to tie in with Emily’s 5th birthday and they were very accommodating. We had never been before so are very excited unfortunately under 5s we’re not allowed on the trampolines but they were able to use the soft play area in the cafe.

Upon arrival all was good I ended up doing a group wavier which made everything easier. It all ran rather smoothly tho I didn’t really know what was happening at times like wasn’t told were to get the drinks and stuff but wasn’t a big issue. I managed to get a lot of water when we were eating pizza and sweet cones. I’m pretty sure everyone had a lot of fun. Everyone seemed very happy and bounced out by the end. It has definitely been on of my best wins my daughter was so happy and all her little friends. It was a extra special experience for us all as we could never of afforded a party so grand thank you to the lovely lady who shared into Bristol compers club and thank you to Sam fm 🙂 lucky dust to all let’s have a winning August and no instagram bans please loool.

Lastly id like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came and made emily feel so special never seen a girl so happy or so much mess the day after the sneaky monkey opened all her gifts when we were all asleep dread to think what time she got up.

Just a few photos of the birthday girl and Harrison wasn’t supposed to take any didn’t know until after tho oops x

Night zookeeper review creative writing programme (AD)

Hi all, we’ve been working with Night zookeeper (skykids) which is an interactive online learning programme which helps children enhance and perfect their creative writing skills. The programme is aimed at children aged 6+. Although Emily is only 5 she has shown great interest and has enjoyed having the daily zookeeper sessions she a very bright young girl who loves to learn even after 6 hours of school she wants more and I’m glad to have found a fun way to encourage her love of learning she cannot wait for the book to arrive.

night menu

Night Zookeeper uses a host of fantastic resources and fun games to grow your children’s creative abilities. Each child has there own profile Emily has had a lot of fun creating and seeing her characters come to life and doing the daily tasks. She really likes the layout and how easy it was for her to complete lessons as well as making her own special zoo. Filled with creatures she has dreamed up, given them a story and used a wider vocabulary to describe and report her special creation.


Each time the task, lesson and games are completed you earn rewards which you can then use to buy new zoo animals. I personally really love how each task they complete they get messages to say how well they are doing it really puts a smile on my daughters face, I believe this kind of positive reinforcement really encourages a child’s passion for education and learning we all know how much they love to be praised.





Sound good You can sign up here for a week’s free trial https://www.nightzookeeper.com/ and use code:  lovewriting   for 30 per cent off  Thanks for reading x

free trail night zoo


Update on Emily a few weeks after we started (July 19)

This week we’ve had Emily’s school report back and she’s now working at a year 2 literacy level exceeding what is expected of her shes in reception.  She is able to use complex sentences and has excellent use of adjectives in her work.  We will definitely keep going on our night zookeeper adventure through the summer holidays. Cannot think of a better way to keep her curious mind active this summer.

July 19 wins

Hi, guys finally back into the swing of things hope you’ve all been very lucky 🙂

My first win of July a pair of stocking from @prettypollylegs on Instagram.

A free go on the lottery don’t know if counts but the email got me very excited though I’d won the rollover lmao there’s always next time hehe.

2 secret life of pets storage cases from kinder praying I’ve done both names or my kids are gonna be grumps haha.

Harrison’s first prize package some lovely Peter rabbit puzzles had absolutely no idea we’d won until they arrived they certainly helped with my comping mojo and the Christmas stash I did let him have one,  he just got too excited when the box came I’ve gone soft ahaha.


A now TV pass from my yummy KitKat.

A Facebook win from muddy puddles. A nice little book thinks another for Harrison tho I’m sure Emily will help.

A bagel tin

Short and sweet this month but that’s my lack of motivation and depression taking over back on form now so that’s a win in itself Winning August’s all-round good luck everyone looks forward to the unboxing maybe this month will be my first month? xx

JUNE 19 Wins x

Me again this month marks six months of my mummy and me x2 😮  I’ve been comping like a madwoman Emily turns 5 next month well this month on the 7th now and she needs presents lol I’ve managed to win the party at air-hop the invites have gone out and all is sorted pizza and they’ve thrown in balloons and mascots extra just for Emily which is so sweet wins like this will be unforgettable for the children Disney next hopefully 🙂 Now for the wins

My first win of June was from Evans on facebooks every Tuesday they giveaway a pair of shoes each week on Tuesday #Shoesday you just have to say which pair is your favourite.


My Second win was some dried flowers on Instagram myself and the Instagram queen Sharon won together again which is lovely 🙂


3rd win some lovely craft paper for me and a friend the lovely denise I think me you and Sharon bring each other luck:D

My fourth win was a surprise as I thought ended and winners announced on the sixth a Mars text comp so for the huge cost of 12p I will be the lucky owner off

4 England football tops , 4 hoodies , 4 hats , a gym bag son flags and scarfs and Harrison’s fave prize a ballllll which I know he will shout in excitement when it arrives.

Not many wins to report but very greatful for what we receive finally getting back into the swing of things after another hectic month Cheer to July best month yest I’ve decided hehe xx

Thanks for reading xx

May 19 wins wahoo :D

 Well after last months efforts I’m definitely going to try a new routine. I’m thinking more effort comps and searching them out. I’d really love to win the rest of Emily’s birthday presents and some laminate flooring Harrison’s been pulling the carpet up terrible 2s have struck early if it’s got a plug or if it moves it mine and must be destroyed in his eyes.

May has been a very slow month for me I had my first win on the 23rd it’s been a slow bumpy ride I must admit no motivation and an addiction to playing ps4 with Liam but I’m back with a vengeance I’m going to have a winning month from today 😀 #posotivethinking.


My first win of may is a useful win of some BAA sports stuff for Liam which I won on the My protein live birthday game… GOT being everywhere I somehow knew there were 8 seasons without ever watching an episode. Then the presenter made a joke about buying jade rice from Tesco that’s a new one I thought id heard them all being named after food should see what comes up when I’m searching for wins.


The second win is an EPIC skincare bundle from Instagram thanks to the fabulous Sharon who tagged me and her friend and we all won wahoo 🙂 the Foundation is 54 pound alone 😮 feel very lucky.

The third win was a surprise from the tiger instant win I found on Di cokes blog I couldn’t collect it so gave the voucher to someone could use it x

The fourth win also a surprise as my entry was terrible. I think it was my comment that swayed it a Sony speaker from the Shazam/crunchy nut comp.

Sorry, no actual pictures will update as they arrive :D. How has your month been ? what has been your favourite win comment below and lots of luck for June :D.


Jade xx


How to stay sane with a comping ban or lack of motivation!!

As I’m sure most of you are aware Facebook, Instagram and Twitter like to hit us with bans which are very disheartening but what I like to do is to use the time to reorganize my comping. After raging for a while of course and most defiantly moaning to Liam for a lot longer than he wants usually leads to him distracting me by tempting me onto the play station works every time what can I say he knows me.

I like to spend my ban/unmotivated time

  • Unfollowing/unliking pages one at a time because that is another limit I like to hit quite a lot. surprisingly not on Facebook tho probably because it just loves to unlike random pages. Organizing my comping purchase necessary list.
  • I keep a diary of wins to make sure everything arrives its a good time to chase prizes.
  • I also like to watch all the unboxing videos to keep me motivated.
  • I also like to update my wishlist too.
  • Another annoying but vital task unsubscribing from as many mailing lists as I can.
  • Quite often I like to take time to appreciate what I have won because even if my luck has run out I’ve had a lot of fun comping and meeting some amazing like-minded people <3.

finally, if your really fed up and can’t be bothered  take a break and come back to it when you’re ready. I like to think the more positive I am the more likely I am to win whether or not that’s right I don’t know but I’ve been one negative ninny since half term so hopefully, I snap out of it and good things will happen.

What do you do when you’re on a ban or unmotivated comment thanks for reading x





April 2019 wins

Wow can’t believe it’s already April (technically May now) where has the year gone feel?It feels like only yesterday I was trying to win heart family challenge at Halloween didn’t win but we had fun. This month I have set myself a challenge for no reason at all to enter 100 comps a day to see if id win more or less  …… That didn’t happen only entered a fraction of my usual comps but with unexpected hospital visits, half term, bank holiday and my ps4 addiction destiny 2 (Liam’s fault hehe).  I did have a few arrivals this is what we received.

1st arrival of the month some Kopp Kopp sweets and 5 packs of sprouts crisps from approved foods on Facebook love a live yum x

My Mother’s Day prize arrived from @lovebooshop on Instagram the teamed up with the @yorkshirecandlecompany and @seedandbean such a nice treat 🙂

Another fabulous Mother’s Day win on Instagram with @skynicelanduk cannot wait to try this brilliant skin care …. my skincare regime is getting expensive hehe.

A Kat Von d mascara wins from Debenhams beauty club I have to review but I like a good product test and I needed mascara so win-win hehe.

A lovely easter hamper on Instagram from the lovely company @griggsandmackey  was based is reading but travelled down to Bristol and I picked it up from the hotel they were staying at so lovely 🙂 kids were chuffed and I’m so grateful to have had it x


I also won a 20-pound shopping voucher from the @britmums @pjmask hero chat I’m pretty sure it was my picture that won tho and not my charm hehe 🙂


Forgot to add the family Cineworld ticket we won from Lidl hopefully going to see dumbo 🙂

Hoping to get back into comping like a mad woman this month birthdays arriving very quickly effort will be at 100%. In other news after 18 months of broken sleep, Harrison’s finally sleeping through that was this month’s biggest win 😀


How has your comping month been hope you all have a lucky may x


jade x

March 2019 wins

Hope everyone has had very lucky March 🙂 with pancake day and world book day lots of inspiration. This month I decided to search for competitions more and I’ve been keeping an eye on trending on Twitter, Instagram stories and tweet deck has been brilliant for finding low entry comps

On the first of March came a world book day win a fabulous Cruella de Ville costume which Emily loves and compliments last years Dalmatian costume her brother has hehe  who doesn’t love matching costume

Won some lovely bedding on Instagram for me and a friend includes 2 pillow cases and a throw was from @pandkhomeinteriors,

We had super wings win from January arrive too first toy prize for Harrison he loves it and now collects the post each morning from the letterbox bless him.

Emily won my little pony magazine on Facebook funny because I had told her no a few days before and she said I could win one lol x

This crystal science set on Twitter day 5 of Smyths #NationalScienceWeek looks very fun first of Emily’s birthday pressies.

A Mother’s Day treat box from Vodaphone on Twitter not sure if a comp or they just pick someone for a surprise box sort of thing. If you’re on Vodafone download the app brilliant for freebies and competitions exclusive to Vodafone customers.

A tin of corned beef from princes

Gorgeous light on Instagram from brand interiors my room will be getting decorated soon so new bedding and light very handy just need a rug now please comping fairies hehe.

2-month kindle unlimited subscriptions from McDonald monopoly from the free code they sent me to thank you 😀

A surprise prize from joe browns who hit 200k likes so gave away 200 prizes thanks to all who tagged me 🙂 I received a red crush velvet scarf 😀

2 Creme Eggs.

15-pound costa voucher on Instagram x

last win of the month was this lovely Mother’s Day prize on Instagram tagged at 9.20 at night can’t complain tops off the best Mother’s Day 🙂

Its been a fab month for us can wait till next month.what has been your fave March win.I’ve found social media Is where most wins are coming from this year I’d like to say a huge thank you to all who tag me and have a lucky April. Time to binge watch the prize unboxings hehe x




Febuary 2019 wins

hi all hope you’ve had an excellent Feb, mine has been very good but it keeps hitting my like limit on Twitter and Instagram frustrating lol.  I have been struggling with motivation and falling asleep before 9pm think having two children under five is tiring me out more now I have given up caffeine haha. Below are my prizes for the month may try to do an unboxing video this month if I’m lucky enough to receive some more prizes 😀 look forward to seeing everyone else prize unboxing videos always get me motivated.


A £50 Selfridges voucher  from southern home own on Instagram which I bought my foundation with and I won  some yummy marshmallows from @happymallows on twitter on the 1st 😀 great way to start the month


A Love’s heart pampers hamper from love hearts on Facebook. It was a photo entry with weekly prizes you had to match your own photo with a love heart saying we chose play time 🙂

An African fruit hamper with valentines treats from Beautiful country, beautiful fruit on Facebook.

Some lovely travel size bourjois lipsticks from directcosmetics.com On Facebook.


A 25-pound amazon voucher from Hurst panel a monthly draw I do a few surveys if I have time.


A meal for 2 the day before Valentine’s Day 2 3 course meals no pick as we ate it too fast haha very hungry lol was a lovely pub called the baileys court inn had a slide and stuff outside for the kids so that was nice too not just the yummy food I regretted wearing jeans haha.

A biggy with Sam FM air-hop party for up to 250 people brilliant for Emily’s bday hopefully be inviting some fellow campers from Bristol compers club. Just waiting on details from air hop my daughter is so excited I can’t wait for a go on wipeout aha I’ll have to pretend I’m on Takeuchi castle aha

A lead from auto trader we don’t have a dog yet but Liam’s getting the hint hahaha think Christmas we will get a rescue dog I’ll have to win lots of dog goodies hehe.

Not technically a win but I’ve been accepted into a savvy circle product test for olay whip my skin could deffo use the help I’m classing it as a win as it’s free and the astral I won last year is running out aha.

Another brilliant month for me feel so lucky it still shocks me when I win the best hobby ever although it’s giving me expensive taste aha hope your all winning what’s been your best win of February x

How to enter competitions on the instagram app.

  1. Create account choose a fun name but nothing with the word comp/comper/ competition it may affect your chances of winning.
  2. Sign in and I highly recommend downloading the app as its the only way you can see messages.
  3. Then your you will see similar to mine.

4.  click the magnifying glass and from here you can search for and follow your favourite brands /influencers and search for competitions by using hashtags  ( i.e  #winitwednesday #winuk #freebiefriday ).


5. The plus sign is how you add photos and videos.

6. The heart is your notifications.

7. Your profile id recommends adding some photos so your account doesn’t look fake.

8. The fun stuff how to enter firstly read the instructions and see whether you need to tag friends use different hashtags.

press the heart to like

and the speech bubble to comment

write your comment making sure to add any tags using @ followed by your friend’s name or # tags 😀

press post

your entered yay 😀


example of a competition post

9.  Wait for the wins 😀 you will either be tagged which will show up in your notifications or they will message you which you can access using the arrow in the top right corner of the home screens.

10. good luck from me feel free to follow my account and tag me if you have nobody else to tag 🙂 @mummyandmex2


*Not so secret tip click through the Instagram stories to find competitions you can find these by pressing the circles at the top of the home screen 😀

*follow all your comping friends and after a while, Instagram will show you more competitions due to the algorithms.



Thanks for reading guys let me know if you liked more beginner’s guides 😀 please comment below if you have any questions 🙂 x