October wins 2019

Hi all, we can’t believe it’s November already not long until advent start. Who’s ready, this month I’ll be unfollowing on twitter and Instagram again as we all know I’ve either hit my limit or been banned at some part of the month and I don’t want it to be during advents. This month I … More October wins 2019

September wins 2019

Hi all, another month has gone by so very fast will be Halloween before we know it. Whos ready for the Halloween comps and dare I say it the Christmas competitions eeeek so excited. I’ve been so lucky this month ive won 12 prizes I think was birthday luck I was 27 on the 30th … More September wins 2019

August 2019 wins :)

Happy September my birthday month I’ve set Liam the challenge of winning me a birthday gift for the first time in 3 years I think I have newbie comper on my hands he’s very enthusiastic no idea what he might win me but exciting I’ve told him buying me a gift is cheating hehe. Anyway … More August 2019 wins 🙂

Night zookeeper review creative writing programme (AD)

Hi all, we’ve been working with Night zookeeper (skykids) which is an interactive online learning programme which helps children enhance and perfect their creative writing skills. The programme is aimed at children aged 6+. Although Emily is only 5 she has shown great interest and has enjoyed having the daily zookeeper sessions she a very … More Night zookeeper review creative writing programme (AD)

July 19 wins

Hi, guys finally back into the swing of things hope you’ve all been very lucky 🙂 My first win of July a pair of stocking from @prettypollylegs on Instagram. A free go on the lottery don’t know if counts but the email got me very excited though I’d won the rollover lmao there’s always next … More July 19 wins

JUNE 19 Wins x

Me again this month marks six months of my mummy and me x2 😮  I’ve been comping like a madwoman Emily turns 5 next month well this month on the 7th now and she needs presents lol I’ve managed to win the party at air-hop the invites have gone out and all is sorted pizza … More JUNE 19 Wins x

May 19 wins wahoo :D

 Well after last months efforts I’m definitely going to try a new routine. I’m thinking more effort comps and searching them out. I’d really love to win the rest of Emily’s birthday presents and some laminate flooring Harrison’s been pulling the carpet up terrible 2s have struck early if it’s got a plug or if … More May 19 wins wahoo 😀

How to stay sane with a comping ban or lack of motivation!!

As I’m sure most of you are aware Facebook, Instagram and Twitter like to hit us with bans which are very disheartening but what I like to do is to use the time to reorganize my comping. After raging for a while of course and most defiantly moaning to Liam for a lot longer than … More How to stay sane with a comping ban or lack of motivation!!