Baby rocker review (gifted)

Hi all I hope you are well teething and colic has litrally been the bane of my life for the past few months. Little Rosie has finally come over the other side only getting gripe now and again due to her weaning journey starting and the variety of new foods. We started just before 6 months for our own reasons the guidelines say six months but each baby is different definatly check with your health professionals first.

Rockit rocker sends Rosie right to sleep

The rockit rocker has been a godsend I wish I’d had with my first little one to be honest. It’s sturdy and well made easy to attach to the pram and the gentle vibration is perfect for my little Rosie offering her the comfort she needs just until we get home. Let’s just say I’m off to a baby shower soon for a first time mum and I know what she needs but didn’t know she needed . I’m so please to be able to share with you all and it’s defiantly got the mummy and me seal of approval


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