Carat London Cosmo necklace review (ad)

Hi, all I hope you are well, what a week ay heatwave at the end of the school year. Busy for many of us I bet. Alarms have gone off for us until the 5th of September.  I’m really excited to tell you about the lovely carat London They kindly sent me this beautiful Cosmo necklace to review and I’m in love. Such a sweet delicate design already perfectly lair for a glitzy flair to any outfit are we ever fully dressed without the best accessories.

The lovely cosmo necklace is part of a stunning collection of necklaces for women.

About carat London

Carat London has been on a nearly 20-year mission to introduce the finest alternatives to mined gemstones. These fabulous new-era jewels have a positive impact on future jewellery lovers. Carat London is enjoyed by celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Emma Willis, Courtney Love, Pixie Lott, Lily Allen, Ellie Goulding, Lucy Watson, and Alesha Dixon, to name a few. Their spectacular Jewellery was even seen in season one of Gossip Girl! The company itself have been donor to the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, a nonprofit foundation that supports the growth of film and television arts.

I really love companies that care I feel Carat London is really special and a great place to invest in beautiful pieces of jewellery from mothers day to Christmas there really is a gift or treat for all occasions you won’t be disappointed ill be sending Liam for the engagement ring (hint haha).

I really love all the unique and exciting designs available on the website (here)go and have a look for yourself you won’t be disappointed there are so many beautiful timeless pieces for your collection. Thanks for reading have a great week Jade x


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