3 Reasons to Reinvest in Your Education

3 Reasons to Reinvest in Your Education

When we think of higher education, we often think of school leavers embarking on a university adventure for the first time. 

However, advancing your education is an option regardless of your age. In fact, despite what we might think, as many as 37% of the undergraduate intake is mature students. Being a mature student can be quite daunting in itself lot changes over the years. Years ago I’m not sure coding was as sought after as it is now luckily courses are becoming more available. There is a free coding Bootcamp in California which I highly recommend.

There are lots of reasons why people put their education on hold, but there are just as many reasons why you should return to it. 

If you’re trying to decide whether the time is right to go back to school, then here are three fantastic reasons to reinvest in your education

  1. Career Progression

Career progression is one of the most common reasons that people make the decision to return to education. The continued process of learning and skill-improvement is crucial to facilitate that climb up the career ladder. 

Of course, this desire to progress doesn’t come easily to everyone. Some of us need to really work on our motivation and ambition to advance. However, the benefits to progression are numerous – think how much easier you’ll sleep when you achieve greater financial security!

Plus, as you achieve those greater career heights, you’ll find that you experience more interesting challenges in your workplaces. Research shows that employees that feel more challenged have the opportunity to grow and face those challenges head on, are much more likely to feel engaged at work, boosting their overall job satisfaction. 

  1. Improved Confidence 

It’s not just about the career benefits, however. Returning to your studies, even after a long break, can help you make massive improvements to your confidence and self-esteem.

While returning to school can seem daunting, accomplishing something difficult will give you a strong sense of empowerment. When you’re in education, you’re working towards a goal, and by seeing yourself improve gradually over the duration of your course, you’ll realise that you’re capable of accomplishing anything that you set your mind to. 

  1. Greater Life Experience 

Students often say they go to university for the life experience – for many, it’s their first experience living away from home. However, it’s not just school leavers that can gain life experience through their educational environment.

When you enter higher education, you’ll meet people from many walks of life, with a variety of different backgrounds. This will do wonders at opening your eyes to different perspectives, allowing you to incorporate other viewpoints into your own thinking understanding. 

Finding the right course is essential – you should take into account your current level of education, as well as your skills and experience, and what you hope to achieve by going back. For example, if you already have a foundation degree, then you simply need a top-up degree, such as Anglia Ruskin University’s Hearing Sciences (top-up) BSc (Hons). You may not even need a full degree – for some, a Certificate of Higher Education will take them where they’re looking to go.

Choosing the right course will ensure that you get the most out of your education. Share your reasons for returning to education in the comments below!

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