Five To-Do’s When You Are Expecting

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Congratulations on learning you’re having a baby! You’re probably already planning all you need to do before they arrive. So, here are some things to consider:

Find Your Due Date

Although your due date will be confirmed at your first scan, there will still be things to do before then, so you may wish to use a pregnancy calculator to get a general idea. This way you can sign up for frequent updates and start monitoring your baby’s development. Consider your period’s end date and cycle duration. Because pregnancy calculators aren’t as accurate as scans, your due date may alter after your first scan.

Begin Monitoring Your Baby’s Growth

Take a peek at some of the popular baby applications for your phone or tablet. Many provide useful information on your baby’s development and activities in the womb. Weekly emails with new information are common. They are great at predicting what to expect and when to be concerned. They typically include extras like a baby checklist or a must-have nursery basics list.

Find Your Obstetrician

It’s critical to notify your doctor as soon as possible after a positive pregnancy test. You then need to search for an obstetrician near me.   This is the first step towards getting your antenatal care started. They will notify the obstetrics department and send you a date to be seen as a patient. Depending on your location, you may be able to self-refer to the obstetrics department.

Health Check

Pregnancy puts a lot of burden on your body, so it’s important to stay healthy. Examine your BMI and limit your coffee intake. Now that you’re pregnant, you can make some basic lifestyle modifications to help your baby develop and expand. Your doctor will help you quit smoking or eat healthier.

Find Ways To Have A Safer Pregnancy

To ensure a safe pregnancy, consider the following:

Stop smoking- get all the help you need.

Stop drinking alcohol- Alcohol can affect your baby’s growth, so try to avoid it as much as possible.

Rest – Pregnancy hormones are enough to make even the most lively people feel fatigued, so take time to relax.

Keeping Active- Even if you’re not feeling well, exercise is good for you and your kid. No need to join a gym, a daily stroll is a terrific method to stay active during pregnancy.

Take the proper vitamins- Some supplements, including folic acid and vitamin D, are vital throughout pregnancy, but your midwife can advise you on what you need.

Food – A healthy diet means avoiding foods heavy in sugar, fat, and salt. You should also avoid foods that could harm your baby, so do your research or contact your midwife for advice.

Precautions when taking medications – While pregnant, you may need to relook at your prescriptions as some can’t be taken when pregnant, so make sure you check beforehand. When you have a headache, you may not be able to take conventional medications.

This quick guide should help you start your pregnancy well. What have you started planning? Please post them in the comments area.

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