Valentines gift guide for 2022

Hi all hope you are well with valentines day looming thought id give a gift guide a go new year new post haha. Ive been really lucky and have managed to pick gifts not only with practical uses but that can be used , liam says the items below i gifted him make him think of me when he uses not that he could forget this waddling panda haha. Ive also added what id like to recieve for valentines day which i dont have but would find such a thoughtful gift could probably work for mothers day or a birthday too gifts for all occasions perhaps i should call this post. I have gone for top 3 gifts based on use and i just like them.

Top 3 Gifts For him

A fancy new wallet how about the RFID blocking wallet not only practical with lots of slots for all those loyalty cards we adults collect but safety conscious too, the RFID technology stops scammers from being able to scan your contactless and steal your hard-earned cash.


Some leather gloves are not only warm but timeless and stylish another gift I’ve given Liam he said it was one he never knew he needed but with these ice-cold school runs he couldn’t be happier with them. I chose these from Trendhim Harper brown leather gloves. They have a great range for all budgets and you can even add gift wrap for 3 pounds winning.


Beard oil for the bearded man in your life I recently got the…. one for Liam he absolutely loves it. I do to no more bristly kisses haha smells really good too not that Liam smells haha. Purchase here 30ml danish winds beard oil.

Top 3 gifts for her

A recipe book/tablet holder practical and is something she might never know she needed. I hate getting my books dirty and holding the tablet up when i watching stuff lazy probably nevermind haha.

What are your go to gifts for valentines day ive been trying to think of useful practical items rather than novelty because in reality it either ends up shoved ona shelf collecting dust or in a charity shop unappriciated. I do love a cheesy gimick dont get me wrong but 2022 is the year of money saving and wasting less for us. Thanks for reading have a lovely week Jade x

(Disclaimer -This post contains gifted items (from previous posts) and amazon affiliate links because sometimes we leave things to last minute)

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