Guide To Promise And Commitment Rings.

Hi all hope you are well, can we believe it’s half term again this year is going extremely fast thank god it’s been a train wreck. Hopefully June the 21st will be a new start for us all positive thinking and all that I feel like we can all finally start looking to the future and move forward with our lives. I can start to drop hints to Liam about getting married as we can finally have our loved ones there alongside us to celebrate our love and commitment to each other and for me, Id want a small gathering I’m not one for being centre stage.

my unofficial guide to commitment rings to match the occasion we will choose to show our unity.

Deed poll with a promise ring probably my preferred option only because I don’t like people looking at me I get very conscious. I would love to legally have the name of the man I love and our children. I know this wouldn’t be the same as an actual wedding but in my eyes means the same. screw it ill have a naming ceremony bbq to celebrate bring your own beer. Call me weird but right now this sounds amazing low key and laid back just like me and Liam we just fit. To add some romance id probably get a promise ring of Liam’s choosing to symbolise the promise we have to each other and we have had for 8 years. I’d love one with the emerald stones stunning.

Civil partnership with some diamond jewellery to mark the occasion something special and classic a diamond is perfect for this. Ive not looked into this option very much but it is very much an option we may pick. I would have to look into it more tho. I know a friend of mine is very keen on this option I can see why it’s a great choice.

A small church wedding after a short engagement with our nearest and dearest would be another option. This option I would have probably opted for an engagement rings and matching silver band wedding band. I love the classic elegant design art deco inspire rings I love everything vintage. I can imagine myself in a modest vintage dress walking down a small aisle to Liam who’d be wearing his suit probably shocked to see me looking together haha. Simple white flowers in a modestly decorated church there’s a little local one to us I think id opt for. They also have a little function room for a little booze-free table buffet. The tables and chairs supplied to add a few seat covers and table clothes and wedding decor it would be lovely not that’s I’ve thought about it too much or planned it. A lovely little wedding which I think one day we will have with our nearest and dearest need to be engaged first haha hint hint hint, Liam.

Which options would you choose? I know a proper ceremony is always the first choice but what would be your prefered option be if you had to choose or have you got married or made a promise to each other in another way would love to know comment below. Thanks for reading have a great bank holiday weekend. Jade x


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