Am i loved ? book review

Hi all happy Monday, can we believe it’s the 28th of June already? This month has been a weird one kind of at an enpass of my life not really sure where im going, feeling a little lost. Im not sure if it’s because of all this covid lark or my deep-seated fear of not being good enough. Adult life isn’t what it cracked up to be what can I say. We spend so much time worrying about what life should be like we probably don’t live the one we have. we probably do not realise what we’ve missed out on until it’s too late but I want to change that I will no longer be ruled by my fear of failing. This brings me to the reason im writing this post. I was kindly sent a copy of Am I loved? and it’s really helping me on my self-awareness journey I will defiantly re-read it once Liam gives it back couples book club all we need is some snazzy his and her bookmarks.

Am i Loved? The most asked question on all time!

Am I Loved ? is a book written by John D Bieber its very existence answers some lives most asked question. The book explores the five pillars of existence and in my own opinion, the very essence of life. So much of the way we live and who we are is defined by our own emotions but we cannot control them. The book reminds us that not only life but love is one of the creations greatest gifts A quote from the book id like to mention really resonated with me;

” We bear life and want to live it , but we cannot explain what its like to be alive”

Think about it can you explain that feeling many of us struggling with mental illness or even just always wanting and expecting more never fully appriciating what we already have and be happy with that. Though there is nothing wrong with wanting more wouldn’t fulfilment feel better?

About the authour

John D Bieber is the wonderful author of ” Am I Loved ?”. John was once a divorce lawyer and upon being involved in so many. He began to realise he wanted to help people avoid having bad divorces publishing his first book “If divorce is the only way: An emotional and practical to the dos and don’ts of divorce and marital breakdown. Writing this john became aware of the role our emotions play in our lives. How can we function properly if we do not have a greater understanding of our emotions and whats make us tick, thus Am I loved? was born. I feel a lot of the answers are in the book.

My thoughts

I finished reading Am I loved ? not too long ago and it really got my nogging jogging as my partner Liam would say. He has just started reading it himself as I haven’t shut up about it. Throughout this fantastic book are lives most meaningful question scattered through the pages, ive found it very enlightening and it has put me on a self-awareness journey. I never really thought of many of these questions but I have always felt a sort of disconnect from life and my own love sort of like I wasn’t really worthy. This is a ridiculous notion, I always knew this deep down but Am I loved? IS helping me realise otherwise by questioning my inner fears forcing me to face them in a way I never knew I needing to. Am I loved? has given me a new perspective of life and love as I knew it. We just need to learn to recognise what’s in front of us we are worthy and we deserve it. I don’t know about you but im ready to feel loved and fully understand the feeling of being alive.

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Well ive been really excited to share Am I loved with you. I feel this book is a fascinating read, it really makes you think and opens your eyes to what’s right in front of you. I look forward to reading more from John D Bieber’s. Am I loved? really has been such an enlightening, thought-provoking book I highly recommend.

Thanks for reading have a great week Jade xx

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