Dating in 2021

Hiya all hope you are well. 21st of June is coming fast and I pray all goes to plan. Once the day is here the world won’t be what it was before but we will get there. I don’t know about you but my confidence is gone I dread going out more than usual. Maybe your single and ready to mingle (so cheesy but I love it), maybe you wanna try something new, find love or even just meet people. Dating can be hard meeting people organically isn’t the same as it used to be and to be honest, has been very hard this past year and 5-month we’ve been somewhat limited. Online dating is a great way to meet new people, try something new build your confidence in yourself so when finally meet a person your likely to have more of a connection because you both pretty much have your cards on the table your on a dating site because you’re looking for love with a like-minded person or maybe just a saucy hook-up if that’s what you want.

Building confidence can be really daunting but with the help of fab sites like subsanddoms and mybdsmhookups. You can explore your inner desires and focus on what you want from a partner and what you can give each other. Whether being a committed relationship is your end goal or just fun. You can be empowered to do something that makes you happy and for you to feel good about yourself. Despite what the prudes may think , You can have your cake and eat it. Although, if you are a little nervous, you may wish to make use of an extra little boost of Pheromones to attract a partner and get off on the right track once you start dating again.

It is a win-win situation, you’ve got companionship and the confidence to get what you want. I think a site like this is in a way a form of self-care. Before a meet up maybe you could give yourself a new look spend some time focusing on you your wellbeing. Feeling good in yourself you’ll smile more feel good and ooze confidence. ALWAYS put yourself first in these situations. Not happy leave. Change your mind that’s fine too you do you.

Self-care kit

Staying safe while online dating

If your meeting someone for the first time please tell someone where you are going and who with even text them a number plate if you’re picked up, call me suspicious but as someone who watched far too many murder documentaries you cannot be too safe. obviously, you may not need this but still better safe than sorry. I think this is the single most important safety tip can never be too cautious.

The first date might not work out but the next one might positive thinking and a self-care kit can solve almost any non-serious problem. I enjoy writing down my thought and goals, not all of them but the ones that mean something to me. This really helps me make a better choice and I can follow what I want rather than make rash decisions ill either regret or learn from. How do YOU prepare for a date I’ve heard lavender can relax you have you ever tried it?

What is the best dating advice have you ever been given? Have you had a good experience dating online id love to know im nosey haha.

Thanks for reading Jade x

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