Gift Ideas For Sport Fans

It’s been a bad year to be a sports fan. Many major sporting leagues and events have suffered major disruption thanks to the COVID pandemic. Many games have been played without crowds or haven’t happened at all, so you couldn’t even watch them on the TV. 

So if there’s a special occasion coming up (or just for the sake of it), here are some gift ideas for the sports fan in your life. 

Tickets To The Big Game

Now that sports fixtures are getting back to normal, you can make sure your sports fan is there to see them. Snap them up early to get the best prices. If you want to make an event of it, then splash out for VIP tickets with pre-match entertainment and then you can choose a match that’s played away and make a weekend of it with a hotel room and some sightseeing. They’ll feel like the MVP.  An extra treat of course would be some Cronulla sharks merchandise (or some merch for whoever their team is) – I certainly know a fair few who would get an extra kick from such a gift

New Sports Kit

If they play sport as well as watch it, then some nice new sportswear will be well received. Everyone feels better in new sportswear. Buy a few pieces from their favourite brand or use a sports kit designer to personalise some kit just for them. It’s guaranteed to be unique. 

Sports Memorabilia

There’s a huge market for sporting memorabilia, and any sports fan would love to own some. You can buy it at specialist trade fairs and stores. Depending on your budget, you can buy some amazing items from sports programmes and collectors cards to sportswear worn by the greats themselves. You never know, you might start a lifelong collecting habit. 

When buying memorabilia, make sure that you buy from a licensed trader, so that you don’t fall prey to any of the fakes that are frequently found on the internet. You might have to pay a bit more but it will be worth it to have the real thing. 

Stadium Tour 

Most major sports teams run tours of their arenas and grounds. It can be a fantastic way to get up close and personal to their heroes.  Often on tours, you’ll get to see the behind the scenes areas that fans usually aren’t allowed in. It can be a great way to get even closer to the team. 

Occasionally, you’ll also get to see some of the players training or even meet one as part of the tour. 

Personalised Message From Their Sporting Hero

There are many websites that you can order a personalised message from your current or former sports star. You simply give them the details of the person you’re buying the message for, pay the fee and then wait for it to arrive. 

Imagine their face when they see their favourite sports star talk to them directly? 

If you’re struggling to think of a gift for the sports-mad person in your life then there are a lot of options that you can choose from to fill that sports shaped hole in their lives. There’s something to suit every budget and type of sport. 


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