5 Gifts Ideas For New Mums


Bringing new life into the world is the most amazing and overwhelming experience, whether it’s your first or fifth. Those early days usually fly by in a haze of babies, feeding, and exhaustion and the last thing you want to do is search for a vase to put another bunch of flowers in. So, if a friend or a family member of yours has just had a baby, it’s probably best to send them something other than flowers. Looking for inspiration? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here are five gift ideas for new mums. 

1. Streaming subscriptions 

The likelihood is, a new mum will be spending time up at odd hours of the day and night, feeding their hungry baby. So, with all that time sitting down, what could be better than a Netflix subscription? Just find out what streaming services they do and don’t have, and surprise them with a gift of entertainment during their night feeds. 

2. Food 

Gifting food to new parents can be the ultimate act of kindness. Even if the new mum is a keen cook and homemaker, those first few months can be incredibly busy and exhausting. So, unless they’ve got a live-in chef, food deliveries will be highly welcome. That could come in the form of you delivering home-cooked meals to their door (and quietly leaving without them having to invite you in for a cup of tea) or by employing a business to deliver delicious meals for you. All the thanks, and none of the effort! 

3. Skincare 

For some mums, those few minutes in the shower a day can be incredibly precious. So, why not send them some goodies that will make the experience even more gorgeous? Pick up calming shower oils, body scrubs, or hair treatments. Hopefully, these gifts will help new mums feel calmed and cared for. 

4. Gift cards 

Sometimes, the greatest gift is choosing your own present. Choose from a range of services and gift cards online, and send it straight to your loved one, and give them the joy of looking for something that will make them smile. Whether it’s Athleta gift cards or IKEA, there are so many options to choose from. 

5. A new robe 

New mums spend a lot of time in their PJs or loungewear. Fact. And there’s nothing wrong with that! However, an old dressing gown can feel a bit frumpy after a while, so consider gifting your friend or family member with a beautiful, luxurious new dressing gown or robe, so she can relax in style. 

Hopefully, this has given you a few ideas on what you can buy the new mum in your life. Ultimately, however, the best gift you can give is a kind ear and a supportive friendship. Becoming a mother can be overwhelming, so, while you send a gift or drop round a meal, remember to make it clear that you’re happy to talk, or walk, or babysit, whenever she needs you to.


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