How i keep monthly bills to a minimum

I really hate direct debits so I tend to have as little as possible only for the things I really need like rent, council tax and the internet. I know the internet is a luxury but thanks to it I’m able to product test, win prizes and earn vouchers from doing surveys.i don’t have to pay the BBC for there sodding tv licence if I don’t watch live tv or anything BBC. I prefer to catch up as I can watch whenever I want and I can choose what I want to watch we do have a now tv box and pay 2.99 for the kids channels as well as unfair on them not to watch anything they like which saves us a fair bit as we don’t have sky or virgin tv which is pretty pricey. Without it, we have enough saved for a day out each month.

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We have PAYG mobile phones which if I top up myself for a tenner a month I get 250 mins unlimited texts and 2gb of data which is perfect for me and there are no nasty surprises at the end of the month and no chance of accidentally being overdrawn when they take the contract money whatever day they feel like. I’m on Vodafone and every time you top up you receive point which you can exchange for a phone once your reach 3000ish point which I did and was pretty nice walking out the phone shop with a new phone and not having spent any money or signed up to a contract.

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So that’s no-contract phone or tv (not counting the kids now tv pass) which I don’t mind for 2.99 a month and when you cancel goes down to 1.50 for 3 months every penny counts sometimes offer freebies I’ve had a kids remote, tv passes and a new box which is pretty good this isn’t a sponsored post or anything but id say now tv is a brilliant substitution for sky at 7.99 for entertainment pass and 2.99 for kids channel that 10.98 instead of on average 32ish+ a month you just don’t watch anything live. I could probably save even more if I got myself an Amazon tv stick as I have prime anyway that would be a good plan.


I hope this post has helped you with a few ideas on how you can keep your bills down thanks for reading. Please comment below if you have any more ideas 😀 x








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