Change your life in 5 book review #AD

!Hi, all another self-help book review today. I’ve kindly been gifted a copy of Change your life in 5 by Sue Belton. I’ve been using all this lockdown time to reflect on life and to be honest, it’s changed my whole perspective I am somewhat positive but I’m very prone to a wobble. As of today myself, Liam and our children have been isolating for 5 weeks. I’ve gone through all the emotions had many meltdowns but I have accepted there is nothing I can do to change the situation but I can make the best of it and if I have a bad day that’s ok too I’m only human after all. The time we’ve been in I’ve done a lot more reading than usual and I really do want to change my life.

About author

The author Sue Belton is a qualified life coach of 12 years, sue used to be a BBC producer. Upon returning to work when her maternity leave was over her priorities were different .she made the commitment to herself to change and she did.

The book its self is a 5 step programme which is really easy to follow and adapt to your life needs/wants.

  1. Clarify – What’s really important to you, how you feel right now, your values and purpose.
  2. Conquer- self-sabotaging, fears and doubts.
  3. Choose –  Fresh new ways of looking at life and how to change it.
  4. Celebrate- Your achievements and be kinder to yourself.
  5. Commit- To putting yourself first, reducing stress and making changes every day.

Essentially what you do is read the chapters in the order you feel works for you so for me I need to clarify and commit I’ve been wandering through life with no real purpose so fixated on what I cant do never really thought of what I can which sounds a bit daft. My main focus for the past five years has been the children and I’m happy with that I’m very lucky. Now they are getting older and they are off to school I want a I need to change.

Inside the chapters of changing your life in 5, there are a series of very well thought out exercises for you to complete.



Thes activities help evaluate your life and help you, help yourself find out what YOU need to make your life much more fulfilled. What obstacles you need to overcome. Personally, I am my biggest obstacle! the fear of failing or not being good enough. In reality, I could probably do whatever I put my mind too within reason of course and so can you. I have to admit some of the exercises were difficult for me as I’ve never really sat down and made a plan, change your life in five can help you in a very efficient and effective way. I think this is great to have and given the current global climate and what’s going. I can’t really think of a better time to improve my life yes we may be locked down. I suppose if this horrible event has taught me anything appreciate what you and if your not happy change it.


I really enjoyed reading and doing the task inside would highly recommend to anyone who wants to live a more fulfilled life we only get one after all. If this sounds like something you might like its release date is the 16th currently on sale on Amazon here. If you could change one thing about your life what would it be?  Do you enjoy self-help book reviews comment below id love to hear your thoughts and opinions?


  Thanks for reading

Stay safe

Jade x


Disclaimer: I have been gifted this book for review I received no payment all opinions are my own. This post contains an Amazon affiliate link.

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