Homeschool week3 2021 (short post)

Well well well here we are again another week down another update. I hope you are all doing well. Last week was another struggle but we manage to get some work done. Im starting to think i could use a better outlook on life and be positive quite frankly were all living in a very unpredictable time. Alot of us put so much preasure on ourself to be perfect. Ive recently been watching a youtube channel called shes in her apron.I definatly reccommend kimmie is fantastic not only does she share yummy recipes and cleaning motation videos her whole life mantra is brilliant her favourite quote being ‘ progress over perfection’ which is something i will stand by. Sometimes the thought of getting everything done every day just puts me off doing anything but this week ive took on board some of her advice. Ive been writting down a to do list and doing my best to stick to it nothing too crazy but we have a pretty good cleaning routine just boring daily stuff haha.

As a family weve decided as long as its clean and tidy who cares and its not like anyone coming to visit. As for the school work managed 4 days out of five which i wont complain about one day was a snow day not that we had much in bristol mind you was gone by 9am. It was a lovely day off we had a tea party and watched films cuddle up on the sofa sometimes us mummas just need some snuggles what can i say. snuggles are definalty my favourite type of self care and not only do they increase our endourphines our children feel happier too.

Well thats my small update how has everyone week hope your safe and well and remeber as long as we get some done were doing alright we got this!

Jade x

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