Life in a lockdown an interview with myself!

Hi everyone hope you are well, well as well as we can be. Today is a different kind of post for me I decided to join in with the life in a lockdown series with some other blogger see below to read theirs. I decided to join in so I can look back on this hard time and appreciate everything we’ve done and been through and hope to see some positives to look back on. one thing I’m certain of in this uncertain time is I’m not meant to be an academic teacher but I have a good go I’m better at teaching life skills if I’m honest probably because the curriculum has changed since I was six 22 years ago who knew that would happen.

My interview with me!

1) How are you feeling/coping? This past week ive been pretty low if I’m honest I have the best intentions to get stuff done but I need a good kick up the **** to get me going wish I could just get motivated. On the bright side tho I am healthy and the children are too we have a home food and warmth so feel bad complaining.

2) What have you been up to over the past 7 days? We’ve been homeschooling, cleaning all the usual stuff just seems were all grating on each other a bit Emily’s 6 going on 16 and moody to be expected tho considering shes missing school and her friends. Harrison the 3-year-old danger child running rings around us but he’s happy he actually learnt his whole alphabet and recognises the letters thanks to some lovely flashcards we got from made for mums.

3) What do you think the coming weeks and months might hold for you (or the world)? I can’t see anything changing for a little while yet which makes me sad. Not as sad however as I am about the way people are treating each other at the moment because of difference in opinions.

4) If you could remind yourself something about this time in years to come what would it be? WE survived i already live with anxiety and struggle to go out but after this, I will win the anxiety battle and be the old fun Jade who liked to explore. It may sound weird but going from being mentally trapped to literally trapped in my home in some kind of was has done well. I know how strange that may sound but that’s me strange haha.

5) What have you bought this week that others might like? I treated myself and Emily to some new headbands from @tildbows our fringes have grown out and we cant see I’m not brave enough for a fringe but just yet it’s so cold atm the shivering will make it wonky. We love supporting Liz’s small but amazing business. She always has amazing stock and designs.

6) What is a unique (or not) technique you have used to get you through this time? I think I just pretend it’s not happening I limit the news and only read fun stuff ( we stick to rules thought better add this incase people took the wrong way). For us, the change wasn’t a big impact as we didn’t go out much anyway now the kids have adjusted well apart from a few tantrums. I think this has made me see the poor children were isolated anyway well apart from school and trips to the park because of my stupid anxiety it will change were going on adventures when we’re allowed.

7) What is something your readers might not know about you? Im a big nerd who watchs far to many murder documentries liams scared im getting ideas haha.

8) What have you been grateful for over the past 7 days? Ive been grateful to liam and the children for keeping me going if was just me i dont think id even bother getting out of bed they give me a purpose im so thankful for them my world šŸ™‚

This post was written as part of The life in lockdown weekly round up organised by the lovely Sarah from Life in a breakdown and Rebecca from I always believed in futureshead over to their wonderful blogs to read there take on lockdown aswell.Thank you for setting this up has been lovely reading everyone elses thought and feeling somehow makes me feel less alone.

Trying to see the postives atm is becoming harder but one thing id do know it will get better for us all as long as we stick together and support each other.

Thanks for reading Jade x

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