Homeschooling week 2 2021

Hi all hope your doing well .Well what a week started off well i must say towards the end of the week however we had a inset day and friday was one huge meltown everyone was crying an at the end of their teather. After it all kicked off i sat feeling guilty for a while then realised we all need to be a bit kinder to ourselves and as for emily that little learner just needs to listen. Ive noticed alot this week on social media how hard were all being on ourselves and down in the comments some amazing mummas are reassuring and supporting each other. Its been lovely to see something positive come out of all this mayhem everyones willingness to support and sometimes we all just need a moan and to compare what our lunatic children have been getting up too. Its really does make me realise how much we miss the school runs seeing everyone the normality of it all is what i look forward to the most miss your faces.

All in all the school work went well i think haha short one this week lets hope we have a better time this week its all about ajusting and perfecting the routines for us this week we need some kind of normal.

thanks for reading

Jade x

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