Tildabow’s review

Hi everyone, hope you are well today I have a very colourful fun review for you. Some of you may no Emily is a brand rep for Tildabows which is run by the lovely Liz. She creates so many wonderful and unique bows and accessories I decided to write about, as i myself and Emily really enjoy the bow-tiful designs. We love having the collection we have and I don’t care if I’m too old to bow I’m gonna anyway hahaaaaa.

There are a vast array of bows that suit all budgets as well as lots of fun extras like bow holders and reward charts which I  cannot wait to arrive this week we definitely need them… send nanny McPhee. Im very accustoms to the skull snap clips I bought so well made and actually tame this crazy hair of mine. The quality of the bow trumps any you can buy at the shop so precisely cut and made impeccably I really can’t fault them at all.

Emily favourite is its beautiful giraffe called lucy but to be honest, I think there all her favourites she can never wear just one and is always on the prowl for more on my  Instagram haha.

Tildabows also has a giveaway running atm any order on the website is eligible to win ten-pound store credit and you can use code EMILY10 for a discount on your order. we do not get a commission but we do get a discount for our own orders. This isn’t a sponsored post I’m just sharing with you a bow company we believe in we’ve never been a brand rep before so please to be able to do it just for fun and to support a small business which we loved long before we were reps.

Shop here: https://www.tildabows.co.uk/ Follow here: https://www.instagram.com/tilda_bows/

This is Emily birthday bow couldn’t resist literally bows for all occasions and all ages.

Today tilda bows opened after her christmas break some new and wonderful items avalible now use code emily10 for a discount.Thanks for reading and good luck.

Jade x

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