October wins 2020

Hi everyone , hope your well. Its been a funny old month.Ive been struggling with motivation and fitting everything in. I was lucky enough to have 6 wins this month which will definantly come in handy for christmas. Who else is ready for advents? I try to unfollow and unsubscribe to atleast 10 spam emails a day sort of like comping admin and stops me hitting my limit so often. Im also taking part in the lockdown challenge this november which i saw on lucky learners if your a member of the fb group take a look. Im finding it great for motivating me and its only day 2 i think i may do similar every month from now on.

The wins

  • a bundle from Kids crazy bath foam from instagram.
  • Haircare bundle from layerd online web comp.
  • £50 paypal from britmums twitter party.
  • This works sleep spray instagram picture with hastag and a online form.
  • £50 buy a gift voucher from coop on facebook.
  • some coffee machine coffee from coffee unity on instagram.

All in all was a good month for us some really fun wins. we hope youve been very lucky too and you have a great november. what was your favourite prize this month. Thanks for reading jade x


  1. Great prizes , I made a decision to try to unfollow on twitter, facebook and instagram every day through november so as not to hit magic nos when trying to do advents ( mind you I keep getting banned on instagram so probably wont be allowed to do many

    • oh no alot of people are getting banned atm I hope stops in time for advents I’ve been lucky and not had one yet , luckily with advents there are so many you could probably enter as many on FB and twitter hopefully the FB bans don’t start too good luck in November and December <3 x

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