How to make money online

Hi all hope you are well. over the past few months ive been trying to find ways to make money online below ive listed risk free ways of making a little extra cash online for free. 2020 has been a very testing year to say the least a few of these have help keep me sane. Dont get me wrong the extra money wont buy you a house but can put extra food on the table during these hard times. All you will need is a smartphone which most of us already have and an internet connections.

Top picks

Prolific- a survey site with varying leght , you can cash out when you get to a fiver. each survey pays a different amount on avarage i take out £10 a week which can be a couple of meals if your really stretched keep an eye out for future posts on budget meals. Sign up here .

Bonus picks

While these ones do require you to spend money you do get a return on what youd of already spent so there kind of like cashback but not.

Airtime rewards app – spend normally and save your cashback for your phonebill ive been using this for a while and havent had to spend any money on my phone which has been great. one less expenditure and all you have to do is shop as you normally would. use my code to get extra cashback JGKD7RLT.

Honey- find the best discounts and save coins which can be exchanged for gift cards when you get to 1000 youll get extra coins to get you started if you sign up using my link Here. ( this is a referal link i will get 50 coins but so will you).


Maybe not money saving but will certainly help your wallet.

Comping- A lovely hobby not only a great way to relieve finatial strain but is really rewarding i must admit chistmas has been alot easier since i started 4ish years ago ive also made some lively friends to find out more see this post.

product testing another great way not only to try new thing but to save money and stop you wasting on things you dont like. See this post to find out how.

The are all i have for now but check back ill keep updating as and when i find new ways to earn online. Ill be sharing more money related posts in the future and some money saving meal ideas.I know this has been a hard year and alot of us are struggling i cant do much to help but i am used to being frugal and would say is one of my life skills haha.

Thanks for reading jade x

This post contains referal links.

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