How to deal with a dental emergency during covid.

Hi everyone hope , you are well writting to you this afternoon slightly embarressed as to what a mess ive got myself into but ive defintlay found the perfect tempory solutions. As many of you will know i have a really bad dentist phobia which in all honesty is definaly more embarresment now which is my own fault. For several years i drank more lucozade and energy drinks than i care to admit and although i have and still do brush them obsessivly which ive recently found out can be just as harmful.

This year i made lots of resolutions to myself to practice better self-care and get my dental woahs sorted. Granted my filling falling out which has beena nightmare to try and sort out and still isnt but ive found a temporary but worthwhile solution with Dentemp and im now pain free until im able to get an appointment.

About Dentemp

Dentemp is the number 1 dental over the counter treatment provider which was develpoed by a dentist. It comes with easy to following instruction making it a really handy dental solution the reliable formula is clinacally known to offer a temporary solution to lose caps and lost filling problems. I have personally been really impressed i think would be a great addition to any beauty bag or first aid kit. Each pack allows for 12 repairs so you definatly get value for money too be sure check out the other products avalible here.

Where you can buy

The range is avalible at lloyds pharmacys Here

I was also able to find on amazon HERE . Next day delievery if you have prime too.

I must admit i wasnt aware of the temporary solution avalibe Demptemp has ceratinly help me i can actually sleep now instead of having the constant pains. I know i will need to be persistant in trying to get a proper appointment which is proving very difficult at the moment with everything going on i have been told i can call 111 which ive done frequently you may have more sucsees than me fingers crossed.

Thanks for reading

Jade x

Disclaimer this blog post uses some affiliate links. I was also gifted the dentemp but all words are my own.

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