The Secret Lifespan of Amtico

Throughout history there has always been one brand name in every industry or sector that has gone above and beyond in its field to deliver an enviable flawless product.

Being a leading brand brings a lot of pressure, and with luxury wood effect vinyl flooring, the brand name Amtico is the one known to withstand the most pressure to become the nation’s number one vinyl flooring giant.

Historic Steps

Made in Britain has never been such a proud boast as when adopted by Amtico, who for over 50 years have been at the pinnacle of luxury vinyl tile and plank manufacturing.

Bringing together the industries top designers, manufacturers and consultants to pioneer the highest level of design and innovation, Amtico have spent their considerable time at the top of the industry testing and crafting the ultimate in flooring durability, style and assurance.

Amtico is a visionary brand that are miles ahead of competitive flooring brands that focuses on flexible, durable and sustainable options throughout any room in the house.

Signature of Excellence

Amtico Spacia collection meets any requirement within the home with features set to protect the flooring and the potential hazards that can be faced.

With enhanced slip resistance, you can be sure that even the busiest kitchen, whether domestic or commercial, will not see any casualties. Utilising breakthrough manufacturing techniques, Amtico distributes slip resistant particles through the wear layers which do not compromise the aesthetic but ensures that performance over a lifetime stays consistent. 

With a standard 1.0mm wear layer and a 20 year commercial warranty, you can be sure that heavy traffic won’t mean heavy repairs.

What of Designs?

Well, what is your preference?

Everything from replicated Spacia Woods to blended earthly Spacia stone, Amtico goes above and beyond to give your home the design satisfaction first time around. Highest sellers and most popular requests come in the form of White Washed Wood and Nomad Oak for those wanting a more natural vibrancy to their domicile.

For those liking a more wild design you can choose Parquet for Black Walnut or Coastal Pine, giving whatever room you choose a feel of warmth and comfort.

Also of note is its relative ease on the bank balance, with this particular brand being the lowest price Amtico flooring. Easy to install, easy to maintain, easy to afford.

For the cheapest Amtico flooring UK, you cannot choose a much better brand than the leading.

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