Back to school hacks with ace for whites #ACEIT challenge #AD

Hi all hope you are well , With half term looming i thought id share with you one of my favoutite washing products and some perparing for back to school tips . My children break up on friday for halloween , however thing will look this year we will make it fun. I like to get a head start ready for when half terms over , i usually have a list of thing i like to on the last day of term before we start to enjoy the holiday fun.

My pre-half term list

  • Empty out the school bag’s and lunch box. Any rubbish in the bin/ recycling and any old food emptied out and lunchbox cleaned ready for day one too.
  • I like to get the children to do any homework and spellings , then all can be returned there backpack ready as well. No last minute spuddling for lost homework.
  • Wash and iron the uniforms and hang them ready to go ,day one back no rushing around well…unless the alarm forgets to go off because you haven’t set it not that I’ve ever done that .
  • The dreaded pe bag everything gets washed , dried and put back in.

Some people have called me over organised but I’d rather give myself a head start after half term and enjoy the time with the children. Just spending half an hour or what ever it takes really does take the stress away. The back to school transtiton is almost stress less depending on toddler tantrums haha.

keeping your whites bright with ACE!

  • Seperate your washing properly. For me that means 3 seprate loads 1 x whites 1 x darks 1 x red and that’s just the school clothes. I never mix because i hate when the white school tops are go grey.
  • Use Ace for whites. Simply add the instructed amount to the draw along with your other washing products. Not only does it leave the school tops looking new everytime (see below for comparisson old top washed with ace and a brand new one ). It also removed odours and germs from clothing so not only do they smell cleaner , they are cleaner.
  • Ace for whites also contains bleach so its reccommened its only used on plain white items.
  • Ace is also very concentrated so helps stretch the pennies and still removes stains like the lovely pens the school allow the kids to use that don’t wash off.

(This post is an entry for the #ACEit challenge , sponsered by ACE. Get ideas on how to wash whites , treat stainsand laundry like a boss with tips from the ACE site!)

I am so impressed with how well the ace worked i could wait to rave about it. I dont know about you but any product that is affordable and does such a job is a winner in my book. If your intrested in trying for yourself it currently on sale in morrisons. What are your favourite washing products and what is your best back to school organisation tips id love to know please comment below. Thanks for reading and have a lovely half term

Jade x

(This post is an entry for the #ACEit challenge , sponsered by ACE. Get ideas on how to wash whites , treat stainsand laundry like a boss with tips from the ACE site!)

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