Back to school 2020

Hiya , hope you are well. It been a very long few months off school all our lives have been interrupted. We’ve all gone back and the children are doing well I’m quite proud of them and how amazingly they’ve adapted to all the changes that have been implemented at there school. Emily has been so Happy packing her school bag and proudly setting out her uniform the night before and wakes up at the crack of dawn to leave think, she’s sick of me and Liam. Harrison is also so happy to be back at nursery he literally runs there never seen the boys legs move so quickly.

I for one am so glad for some sort of normality and slowly regaining my sanity. It has been lovely to have the extra time with the children but they need the routine. I will admit the last few months has been very testing to say the least and I imagine it has been for everyone and although i know things will not be normal for a while yet but we can all hope for it.

Going back to school to me seems like a step in the right direction and i can now start preparing for birthdays and christmas with no little postman stalkers home haha.

Im not really sure what our christmas will look like this yeat or what the future holds i just hope everything is better in 2021 this year has been a write off. I hope your all doing ok and i have lots of fun reviews being uploaded this week and some amazon gift guides for a very frugal christmas. Thanks for reading Jade x

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