August wins 2020

Hi all hope you are well. This August I decided to see how many comps I could win entering 100 a day instead of my usual 40. I found it quite difficult to enter this volume of comps as I’ve become quite picky with what I try to win. I set myself the challenge because I often see people posting and asking how many a day people enter to win so was a sort of experiment. Personally I found it made no difference to my win rate so I’ll be sticking to my 40 and which ever take my fancy when scrolling. I also found it a pain on Instagram as I keep hitting my limit will be having a huge clear out on there between now and November need to prepare for the advents… better than my advent calander.


Competitions entered : 3100

Competitions won : 8

My winning odd : 1 for every 345 entered

My prizes

2 water bottles fromhydrom8 on instagram.

2 childrens books on instagram

Budwiser dufflebag from the costcutter spin to win.

A lottie doll technically emilys win but it counts haha.

1 year disney+ subscription and some back to school sewing supplies from Konbond onf facebook brilliant page to follow as the run alot of comps and post great sewing related posts.

A bag from the bagel purchase competition.

£50 smyths from the maryland cookies competition.

A reed defuser from Arla on instagram

All in all was a pretty good month its been a good month for us. From my little experiment my advice to fellow compers is enter how many you are able to and dont always stress about numbers its all a game of luck. I hope everyone has a very lucky september. Thanks for reading Jade x

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