Savvy ways to give your food shop the chop!

Hi all hope you are well, it’s been a crazy few months and being frugal is more important than ever with unemployment rising and the children being home 24/7 and constantly demanding food. I’ve been working hard to get our bills down and to eliminate the amount of food waste we create. I’m actually quite embarrassed to admit most of our money was going on food and stupidly I’d order a take away when we had a full fridge. Cancelling our weekly takeaway has saved us 30 quid a week.

  • My first tip is to meal plan and stick to it. This is a new thing for me but I’ve found over the past three months has really helped to not only waste less food and money but is probably helping waistline too. This has saved us another £30 a week.
  • Buy own brand where possible. Usually tastes the same or very similar to the bigger brands and you’ll also find the salt and sugar content may be lower too so double win really.
  • Order online with your meal plan in tow and always check the cupboards before you shop. I’m guilty of having 6 packs of fish fingers in the freezer because I didn’t check.



 Just before lockdown, I bought the brilliant feed your family for 20-pound cookbook by Lorna who started the feed your family for 20-pound facebook group (HERE). I found my passion for cooking again finally. Not only is it full of yummy recipes but there are so many practical tips. It also includes a meal plan which im yet to try but at the begging of the book there a shopping list and store cupboard staples which I think is brilliant a lot of cookbooks are a bit OTT with the fancy ingredients. cooking doesn’t need to be more complicated to taste yummy. There are some great takeaway recipes which I’ve loved making as well as some slow cooker lifesavers in this heat.




I’d also recommend a girl called jack and Jamie Oliver’s 5 ingredient meals it’s great to be able to bring some new exciting and cheap meals to the table.

Upon checking I’ve found all 3 books on sale you know me can’t resist a bargain ill link below:

Feed your family for £20 a week: £8.50


Jamie Oliver 5 min meals: £13


A girl called jack tinned meals: £5.77 (also has no rush rewards promo atm to get a pound off your next purchase)




What are your fave money-saving tips please comment below im always looking for ways to stretch the pounds. head over to my Instagram account to enter my latest competition

closes 15/8/2020 good luck and Thanks for reading.

Jade x















disclaimer I bought these book without the intentions to review but have found them to be  life savers recently with our current prediciment 😀 This post contains an amazon affiliate links x

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