#AD The happy book review

Hi all ,hope your well. We have another fabulous book review today we were kindly gifted a copy of the happy book by Welbeck publishing. The book is writing by Alex Allen and is all about understanding your feeling the book was developed in consultation with Sarah davies a child psychotherapist.

The happy book is filled with wonderful illustrations that are really fun and have helped keep the children engaged which can be ddifcult for Harrison with him being only 2. I think Emily found them great too as they are all made to express the emotions they are discribing.

The book is really well mapped out also easy to follow and I really enjoy the science bits too not only can we enjoy a story together but we can also learn from it to.

Ive caught Emily reading it alone a few times which has been great, the homeschooling  hadn’t been great for a few weeks but this reiginited her curiosity and has got her reading again which is brilliant.


All in all we think its a great book and id highly recommend with its well thought out chapters and educational content. I think would make a great edition to any bookshelf wouldn’t it be great if all children grew up with a greater understanding of there emotions. The happy book would defiantly make a fantastic addition to any curriculum and would set the children up for there future selfcare.

Purchase here and choose no rush delivery to save a pound on your next amazon order too: The happy book Amazon link.


Have you any book recommendation , what has been your favourite children’s book comment below id love to find more for my family of bookworms to enjoy.Thank for reading .


Jade x









(I was gifted the book for review but all opinions are my own this post does contain a amazon affiliate link)



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