Triyit box review

Hi everyone, hope you are well. Sorry for being quiet in recent days there’s been a lot going on. Today im sharing with you my latest Triy it box review and its a good one. Triyit is completely free the lovely company match you to campaign and send you a free box which is great. Sign up here and fill in all the surveys and wait, it’s as easy as that. You may not match all of them but its really fun when you do.

Inside my box

1x Kellogs rice crispy squares birthday cake thins. The children ate this halved it and they were very impressed great snack for them. There was no mess which always mean its a winner in this house haha.

1x Starbuck mocha frappuccino. My favourite cold coffee really pleased to have received it, I think some others received some coffee pods.

1x Arla protein in chocolate flavour. Liam had this he said was really nice and he has gone on to buy more so was winner for us.

1 x sweet and hot Jack links beef jerky. Absolutely delicious made a great mid-morning snack.



For us, this was brilliant box something for everyone ill definitely be purchasing more of most of the items if not all. Did you receive a box this month if so what did you think? If product testing is something you’re interested in see this post here for more fun.


Thanks for reading Jade x


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