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Hi everyone, hope your all well I don’t know about you but I’m starting to lose the plot….not sure if I ever had it mind you. I’m so thankful we are all healthy but this lockdown is certainly starting to take it toll which shocks me as most of you know I love staying in more than most. The dear children do nothing but fight…..send help . I have found the only thing that keeps them occupied is colouring competition and they were doing well until the ink ran out and ww3 started. Shout out to instant ink keeping up inked up will be the paper next. If you’re interested in joining in the colouring comps i have a post here.

I must admit there have been a few positive changes in our lives since all this started were not spending as much money ,planning meals and wasting less. Weve made lots of fun memories with the children who are most likely wondering what the hell is going on missing there friends and loved ones and are probably sick of being stuck in. I like to think we’ve made the best of it probably been a little lazy at times due to lack of motivation but given everyday is practically a Sunday now im gonna say its alright haha.

Im very grateful for the support we’ve received from out family and friends and i appreciate each and everyone of you. Liam too couldn’t of got through these 8 weeks without and your request for me to knit you a new jumper for Christmas has given me a new hobby too not that i need anymore is there a support group?

Well that’s enough rambling for one day lets get the fun bit i know its been abit well very hard lately so……I have  collaborated with some lovely blogger to run a giveaway to win a a food shop voucher enter below. You may also like to go and have a read of there blogs too definitely more interesting than me hehe. Thank you to Kellie from  for setting all this up and bringing all of these wonderful bloggers together.


Supermarket Voucher Giveaway

As so many of us are struggling financially right now, I’ve teamed up with some fellow bloggers for a great giveaway.

!First prize is a whopping £75 voucher. A runner up will receive a £30 voucher. Both vouchers will be for supermarkets of winner’s choice*.*Prize will be e-vouchers for supermarkets with home delivery and gift cards available (Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, and Iceland) subject to availability.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Meet the Bloggers

All of the lovely bloggers listed below have contributed towards this giveaway prize. Please make sure to check out their blogs via the links below. Many of them have excellent giveaways available too (I should know, I’ve entered most of them!).

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Jera’s Jamboree| Mummy Vs Work| Welsh Mum

Savvy Squirrel| Create Joy Everyday| Marina Writes Life

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Thank you for reading keep an eye out for another fun post coming soon on my Facebook page think colourful, creative and possibly hungry haha. Good luck in the competition and I hope you are all safe and well.





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