Ten things I’ve learned this past six weeks in isolation!

Hi everyone, hope you are keeping well. I wasn’t really going to do a post about the virus but then again I didn’t think I would be locked in for 6 weeks.  I think I’ve learnt a lot and now that I’ve accepted the fact I can’t change anything we’re doing better. I started isolation thinking ah this staying in will be easy, made full schedules and to-do lists but quickly learnt for my family that wasn’t realistic.  We have got a lot done and have a relaxed routine I have a little board with a daily to-do list which seems to work better.



1. Prepare for an emergency I’m not saying buy a million loo rolls but maybe a small stock of tins pasta and rice to tide you over for a few days.

2. My kids and liam are really awesome. I don’t think I’d still have my sanity without them 🥰🥰

3. I’m one stressy mum I need to take a chill pill lol I shout far too much mainly frustration I suppose but doesn’t really help anyone and the children don’t listen to either way still awesome but arrogant haha.

4.  I can make a meal out of anything after the panic buying struck I’ve gone back to basics and made more from scratch bread and sweet treats resulting in fewer trips to the shop and probably healthier.

5. I hate exercise joe wick is gonna kill me or make my legs fall off still haven’t managed a full week. Oh, and I gained a stone somehow and a third chin.

6. Emily is one talented artist she’s one lucky little lady her colouring and drawing competition entry are brilliant she so creative, Harrison likes to copy her and he even won one too bless him the lucky duo. I’ve seen lots of comping kids artwork over the past few weeks they all do a great job too nice to fill social media with colourful pictures and smile.

7. I can’t handle watching the news it’s so depressing and I really hate all the fake news that gets blasted all over social media should be banned. let’s fill our newsfeed with funny videos and cute things are kids do.

8. I love my children’s school not only have they sent homework packs but they’ve been making videos for the children Harrisons teachers have been uploading things to do and Emily school have made a youtube channel which Emily loves watching. There will always be the thing that annoys me about the school but they’ve really provided support for the children Emily even got a little postcard from her teacher and a phone call to see if she was ok made her day.

9. There are a lot of superheroes in the world people selflessly still going to work all the amazing NHS staff and keywords YOU are all amazing and all the people in the community who have been kindly delivering care packages, medicine and other items showing true kindness to strangers are probably the most heartwarming posts I’ve ever seen on social media.

10.  One I never thought id say again I actually hate being stuck in before all this my anxiety made me feel like I was trapped in my home. I’ve been working so hard to overcome my problems facing them head-on to go out normally with no anxiety or no worries literally cant… The irony.



I think after all this has blown over we will have leant so much more about ourselves, other people, the world around us will be different hopefully better. What’s gonna happen next? For me, I know what I want and I’m going to make it happen this anxiety can sod off. Thanks for reading what is one positive thing your taking from this lockdown comment below.


Jade x


Ps shout out for Liam putting up with anxious hormonal monster love you and you’re stuck with me now hahahhhahah you’ve been amazing love you don’t think I could have found a better man to spend my life with ❤ one of a kind.

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I am a mum of two from bristol just trying to get by like everybody else. I'm doing it my way. I like to blog about my alternative lifestyle, reviewing, mum life and mental health journey. nice to meet you x

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