Learning with recycled materials

Hi, all today I and my daughter Emily have been using empty cereal boxes to make learning cards. She really wants to be able to read to herself which really does make me proud. probably quite self-explanatory but you just need some cardboard or paper, a pen or pencil and some scissors. Given the worlds current situation thought this might be useful will be trying out lots of homeschool apps today and will be posting another blog tomorrow.


I dunno if this is going to work but it is worth a go. I wrote on the cards id pre-cut ten simple words for her to try to read with the word sounded out underneath as she gets better I will add more when she’s ready she’s quite good she will tell you when she’s ready to bless her.


Emily’s pretty good at writing already so we didn’t make any but you could make cards with certain words on and get them to copy onto a piece of paper but I think next time we have some free time we will practice a few new words as she loves to learn.

we also like to write words on paper and Emily copies them usually without pictures but today I was teaching her about different types of houses she asked why we lived in houses on top of each other and have no chimney lol

copying mummy

Telling the time

We used some blue paper but you could use anything you have lying around really  I’ve only been doing on the hour atm as Emily is only 4 I don’t wanna be a pushy parent haha.  I simply just hand drew some circles and made them into very wonky clocks aha then wrote underneath the time with a little key at the top with what each hand is telling them. You can do the same for half past, quarter past and quarter to the hour when you feel your child is ready :D.

learning the o’clock

I am not a teacher just a parent trying to help my daughter in a fun way without having to buy a rather expensive flashcard and using the abundance of packing we seem to end up with double win really I hope you have fun with your little ones if you decide to give them a go 😀 How do you help your little ones with their learning ?? I’ll be adding post like these when I can as they’re lots of fun what do you think is a good thing to teach them away from school? Thanks for reading x

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