Lapland Letters (AD)

Hi everyone, sorry I’ve been quiet again been so ill haven’t had much chance to blog but after getting the Christmas tree up and taking probably more illness medicine than I should, I’m finally able to sit down and tell you all about our special post from Santa. Also known as Lapland letters to parents and carers.


I’ve been so excited to post when the children opened their special packs there little faces were filled with excitement. Each pack contained one Santa letter, a good child certificate, a Santa stop here sign, a postcard, Christmas card, a Christmas door hanger and wishing stars. Both Emily and Harrison loved getting a special letter from Santa they couldn’t wait to sit down and colour in the little extras and Emily wrote the postcard to Santa. On Christmas eve we will be putting the Santa stop here sign in the window and Emily has insisted on her certificate being put up on her bedroom wall she very proud I think Harrison may be a little young but its a lovely little keepsake for when he’s older.

Both of my children certainly enjoyed there the first taste of Christmas and the letter certainly brought father Christmas to life for them which is wonderful a little extra.


Creating the letter was so easy you simply fill out a form and choose from ;

  • Letter 1 – Christmas is coming. – A Christmas classic story for all ages alike. Ideal for the run-up towards the big day.
  • Letter 2 – The Laplandish Elf – Join elfie the Lapland elf on his mischievous adventures all around the world.
  • Letter 3 – Santa’s Good List – A magical story about Santa and the Lapland elves checking this year’s good list.
  • Letter 4 – Rudolph’s Test Flight – A charming story about Rudolph’s test flight, remember to look up at the stars tonight too. 
  • Letter 5  – Don’t Stop Believing – For those who are questioning if Santa is real, an enchanting story for older children too. 
  • Letter 6 – Baby’s First Christmas – The perfect keepsake for your baby’s 1st Christmas, personalised in so many ways. 


Then all that’s left to do is wait they arrive pretty quickly and in a lovely festive envelope that’s how my Emily knew it was special, Harrison too as he loves fetching the post and he left the junk mail by the door.


CLICK HERE if you’d like to order yours they will arrive via royal mail really quickly think outs were 3 days from ordering. I have kindly been gifted ours for the purpose of this blog post but all thoughts are my own and ill definitely be buying again next year such a lovely pack and so reasonably priced. I really can’t wait for Christmas now the letters have been read and the children well Emily counting down the days and telling Harrison. We’ve even got our tree up such a mood booster think it might be time to watch elf and listen to Micheal Buble. Thanks for reading there will be more posts this week and a new giveaway on Instagram just in time for Christmas x

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