Glossybox November 2019 review

Hi all, hope you’ve had a great weekend. I don’t know about you but I think this weather change has been drastic currently tucked into my fishtail blankie sipping a hot cup Offblak tea, which was this month’s extra treat, forest fruits and ginger it tastes like Christmas … if it was a tea. This months theme was winter warmers here’s what I got and what I thought.


A Rituals soothing hand balm in the scent Indian rose and sweet almond oil smells good enough to eat but don’t it’s not for that haha. This was my favourite item in this months box my hands have been so dry I’ve found this balm has helped so much and feel as though my hand’s aren’t feeling so rough.


A MUDMASKY leave-on winter mask. I’d never tried before so not sure if ill get some extra spots in a few days but I like how soft and hydrated my skin feels will update if I have any weird reactions.

now 3

A Hask hair oil kinda smells of candy floss, not something id usually use but I’m excited to give it ago. My hair can use all the help It can get 😀 it’s crazy and has a mind of its own I am 99% sure it’s possessed.


A mini Cetaphil cleanser I really like has used before can’t complain it brilliant for sensitive skin.


A Kandi cosmetics glow up primer and setting spray. I love how shimmery and different it was for a subscriptions box but it wasn’t for me sadly the sparkles made my spots look like Edward Cullen. However, I think if I didn’t currently have a spot problem, It would look better my foundation did stay in place all day I was very impressed with that usually slides off.


finally in the box was 2 little extra treats not pictured but was 2 lovely Offblak teas yum.


All in all, was a good box, not my favourite glossybox but I think they have put some great products in which will be great for some winter self-care 🙂 What was your favourite item this month? Use code cosy to get your first box for £7 😀  Thanks for reading  hope the December box is very Christmasy x



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