August 2019 wins :)

Happy September my birthday month I’ve set Liam the challenge of winning me a birthday gift for the first time in 3 years I think I have newbie comper on my hands he’s very enthusiastic no idea what he might win me but exciting I’ve told him buying me a gift is cheating hehe. Anyway I’m pleased the kids go back to school soon the kids definitely miss it mums not as fun as Emily’s friends although shes had a lot of fun running my cooking club with me and entering all the kid’s competitions which have been brilliant with  the rain we’ve had this august I’ve listed her wins below too proud mummy if I’m lucky ill have a small army of compers ready for Christmas. 6 prizes and 1 surprise win in the post.

My first win was some Forza meal replacement shakes on facebook one for me and one for a friend i tagged Liam so we got one each which is nice.


My second win also from facebook a T-shirt for Liam hasn’t arrived yet so might put it away for Xmas :P.



My third win was a complete surprise had to sign for a package from America and it was some zoeva makeup brushes handy I’m sure I entered online then had to send them a message on insta. There very nice soft brushes 😀

My fourth win was a cake decorating cookbook handy with Harrison bday coming up Emily has claimed it mind you she loves cooking. I did leave a review on amazon was an entry requirement.


Win number five no technically mine but I wanted to include Emily entered a colouring competition on tetra Fb page well i did for her,  she won runner up prize and was thrilled so was i she was sat quite for ages doing all the activites when harrison was having a nap mum finally got a hot cup of tea its been a while.

The sixth win was a surprise also another facebook win didn’t realise id done so well on there. A set of family electric toothbrushes really pleased with these as I was just saying to Liam I wanted to swap from our normal ones.


A pretty good month for us considering how busy the holidays have been for us. I’m pleased to have done a lot more comps than I have in a while got my mojo back. Whats been your best win this month and is anyone else waiting to binge-watch the unboxing videos I love them. happy comping and thanks for reading xx


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