Back to school

Finally, here we are almost time for back to school and back to the normal routine. I don’t know about everyone else but my children have been squabbling and fighting over everything driving me up the wall. I cannot wait for her to go back and although I miss Emily and feel guilty for feeling like I look forward to it. I’m glad to say she absolutely loves school and look forward to it, She loves to learn and play with her friends.  I’m so organised this year I’m shocked school clothes purchased washed and ready for my ironing on Sunday.

Below is a checklist of things I like to do ready for back school and some other fun tips for making back to school more fun and less stressful.

  •  Purchase the school uniform you need and if some of lasts years stuff is still going strong don’t be embarrassed to use it still.  Emily will be wearing last years dresses as they still look new thanks to me buying black ones hehe. I will admit new white polos shirts, pants and tights is a must for us. Id recommend Studio for online shopping or Argos and instore defiantly Lidl or Asda for the best prices I’ve seen.


  • Get a family calendar or diary really helps me keep track of everything. Any birthdays, playdates or school holidays/events all in one place.

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  • Schedule any dentist /doctors appointments for the days they have inset days or school holidays.   Acording to a survey (simply health oral health survey 2019 see * below ), 1 in ten children have missed school because of tooth decay? and nearly one in five children only brush there teeth once a day ?** a new toothbrush could also be a nice little incentive to get them brushing picking their toothbrush and/ or toothpaste can really help encourage a positive attitude to teeth brushing.
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4. Get the healthy snacks ready 6 hours of school I’m 100% sure they don’t feed Emily.            she comes out like ravenous wild animal eating all in site haha.  Fruit and low sugar cereal bars are great to give them when they come out.

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  • We also like to prepare for back to school by setting out alarms and waking up at school time a week before Emily goes back to school it’s nice to get back into the usual routine then day one back to school.

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  • Last but not least we like to make sure everything is out the night before the school uniform is laid out on the sofa,  bookbags coats and pe kit near the door nothing will be forgotten and were off to a good start.

    two pairs of gray and black sneakers on rack
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so after six longs weeks were ready to go back and I’m ready for 6 hours peace oh wait I have 2 children haha. I have loved the holidays we’ve done lots of nice things and had so much family time I’m thrilled. Love my little ones being home parenting is a bit tough at times they fight, they squabble trash the place but the love and joy they bring is endless …. like the washing pile. What has been your favourite summer memory? and what are your back to school tips and tricks comment below best reply might get a small prize 😀 thanks for reading ❤ x





*simply health consumer oral health survey 2019 of 5083 adults, conducted by dynata on behalf of simply health.


** For more information on dental hygiene or to see the full reports from simply health who were kind enough to send me all the info especially for this back to school post.







Disclaimer i have gifted a back to school treat some colouring and toothbrushes by simply health but i was no paid for this post all the information provide is accurate as of the date posted august 2019.











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