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Hi all, we’ve been working with Night zookeeper (skykids) which is an interactive online learning programme which helps children enhance and perfect their creative writing skills. The programme is aimed at children aged 6+. Although Emily is only 5 she has shown great interest and has enjoyed having the daily zookeeper sessions she a very bright young girl who loves to learn even after 6 hours of school she wants more and I’m glad to have found a fun way to encourage her love of learning she cannot wait for the book to arrive.

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Night Zookeeper uses a host of fantastic resources and fun games to grow your children’s creative abilities. Each child has there own profile Emily has had a lot of fun creating and seeing her characters come to life and doing the daily tasks. She really likes the layout and how easy it was for her to complete lessons as well as making her own special zoo. Filled with creatures she has dreamed up, given them a story and used a wider vocabulary to describe and report her special creation.


Each time the task, lesson and games are completed you earn rewards which you can then use to buy new zoo animals. I personally really love how each task they complete they get messages to say how well they are doing it really puts a smile on my daughters face, I believe this kind of positive reinforcement really encourages a child’s passion for education and learning we all know how much they love to be praised.





Sound good You can sign up here for a week’s free trial and use code:  lovewriting   for 30 per cent off  Thanks for reading x

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Update on Emily a few weeks after we started (July 19)

This week we’ve had Emily’s school report back and she’s now working at a year 2 literacy level exceeding what is expected of her shes in reception.  She is able to use complex sentences and has excellent use of adjectives in her work.  We will definitely keep going on our night zookeeper adventure through the summer holidays. Cannot think of a better way to keep her curious mind active this summer.

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  1. This would be a great activity for keeping the children entertained during the Summer holidays and keeping their reading levels up. Summer tends to be the time that they slide a little because we all get so busy. My children have loved getting creative with Night Zookeeper too 🙂

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