June product tests and freebies <3

Hi all-new kind of post for me this month I’ve kept track of my freebies and product test I will link any still available at the end of the month. To find out where I get my product test check out my product testing post linked below.if youd like me to make more posts like these comment below <3

I had an alarm clock to product test from Mum Product Testers Club handy because mean i can turn my phone off at night and get a better night sleep.

A lovely fathers day card from thoughtful thanks to the vodaphone Reward app.

Glamour beauty club has kindly sent me a suqqu liquid eyebrow pencil to test in khaki nice fun change for the summer xI’ve also had some amazing treats from TryIt sampling community currently closed for new member but I’ll add to my

A glass from Carling tapp app (see apps for comping here )

  1. A coupon for a free box of tea taking the pledge to share a cuppa x

7. A tin of Dulex trade eggshell white paint to sample expired now but will pop a link up on my fb page if it works again soon.

8. I received a box of lidor chocolates from try it sampling sorry no pick Liam scoff them his fave hehe.

9. Another treat from TryIt sampling a Rommel radiance brick bronzer now for some sun so I can glow hehe.

10. A yummy pack of peanut butter kitkats also from TryIt sampling.

11. 3 iPhone charging wires to review from a company on Instagram very handy mine keep breaking x

12. A rice pot sample from prep co

13. A fairy nature garden for Emily to review also from TryIt sampling will do full blog post on this as it’s lots of fun.

14. Essie nail varnish set from TryIt sampling.

Finally another treat from TryIt sampling will post when the panel is open to my social pages šŸ™‚ some rose shower gel lovely and much needed in this heat.

I’ve been so lucky this month so grateful every little helps šŸ™‚ I’ll start sharing some freebies to my Facebook and twitter pages so you can get them too thanks for reading what’s your fave freebie of the month x

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