How I got my toddler to brush his teeth !

Hi, my name is Jade and I have a terrible not even two years old who ‘HATES ‘having his teeth brushed. It’s a nightly battle I thought I’d never win I tried all different toothbrushes and toothpaste. I let him brush his own let him brush my teeth to no anvil. I was at breaking point I googled it so much I started dreaming about teeth brushing probably not normal but that’s me aha.

Then about 2 weeks ago I was at our local library and came across this fantastic book called Dinosaur Douglas and the beastly bugs by Heather Maisner and illustrated by Alex Godwin. It’s a charming story about about a dinosaur who eats too many sweets then goes to the dentist with bad teeth and the dentists make him better. I’d say there are two good for lack of better word morals to the story one healthy eating and two dental hygiene. It’s not preachy it’s a great story that’s easy to follow and both of my children really enjoyed it and will read again.

Thinking nothing of it when bathtime came around my daughter asked if she had beastly bugs to which I replied no and she been fine ever since and so has my son think the idea of nearly bugs in there mouth has given them something to think about not that I’m sure Harrison understands but now I can brush their teeth no problem weather or not was a coincidence I don’t know but either way teeth time is easier and was a lovely book and I look forward to reading others from the collection.

Thanks for reading you can find the book on eBay quite reasonably priced but if you love the library like me I’m sure you could borrow a copy too.



not sponsored in any way just a good fun kids book I think other parents/carers would like to read to their children 🙂 x


    • So draining isn’t it we still have the odd fuss but usually when he’s over tired big sis now brushes no problem think the idea of beastly bugs terrifies her x

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