Boxes of fun

Hi lovelies a short post today just to give you an idea of a fun and creative activity for a day where the kids are just so full of energy and you want to be able to get stuff done as well as have fun quality and creative time with the children. We have used an empty box to make our own little village so a cheapskates play mat haha.  All we used was a box and some pencils but I think next time we will use felt tips instead if my delightful children can be trusted he I think you could probably use Lego to make the buildings if you wanted a more 3D setup.

Emily enjoying herself 😀

What we did

  • First of all, we cut all around the edge to make sure we had an even shape.
  • secondly, we drew a road/track
  • Thirdly we added our village by using pencils to draw on a park, house, shops, church and school no hospital to all of our pretend people may need one with Harrison sitting on them aha.
  • finally, just have lots of fun :D:D
  • When you finish you can fold and pop away or simply recycle.


tiny hand even join in hehe


Next time we will use felt tip

We had lots of fun making this together but next time we will definitely use felt tip so we can see the lines better.  Emily even sweetly added her family and name to every picture she drew haha. Maybe next time you get a huge amount of packaging you’ll give it a go and your children will like it too. Quick easy and encourages playtime away from technology as well as reusing packaging in a fun way without a massive bill.

thanks for reading xx

One thought on “Boxes of fun

  1. Aww this looks like a cute and fun day! I don’t have any kids yet but I love doing crafting days with my nephews, I spent all my childhood doing things like this, i’d hate to think they’ll spend most of theirs on phones and iPads!
    Alice Xx


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