How to save money with amazon

I have a confession ……. I’m an amazon – aholic. I have compiled few tips you can use to find really good deals or earn a point to switch to vouchers few below with my personal links as I think these sites could really help with stretching the purse strings or enhancing it with a little effort. In the long run, you could bag quite a few freebies or spend pennies on a gift (shhhh they’ll never know).



I love amazon prime the only subscription service I use at 7.99 a month I feel is worth its free delivery, prime tv, audiobooks as well as Amazon music I think it’s a great deal. you can cancel your Netflix or other streaming subscriptions accounts and have added extras you don’t get like the music and free delivery (more on that a few headers down).  This might be a good spot to say I’m not endorsed by Amazon I just have a problem send me to AA.


Discount code sites (prime)

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  1. Elite deals –  { } personal link } This site works best with prime. I’ve had quite a few freebies from bath bombs to gel pens you do need to log on at 10am every morning and be very fast deals go very quickly but it’s so easy to use and worth a go. You can always get free or nearly free vitamins too they have a good collection of items at good prices you just add the code at checkout on Amazon comment below if you need better instruction still learning here 😛  – Very similar to elite deals also works well with prime you can get a vast array of items for very reasonable and/or heavily discount and some have freebies but not as many freebies as elite but you don’t have to go on at a set time which is.



Surveys to Amazon gift cards 

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There are probably more which I will list below.    I don’t use them but I know others do use and love but I have to use my time efficiently as I never have more than 5 mins in the day my kiddies are monkeys lol.


  1. Swagbucks –  { personal link } Swagbucks is brilliant as when you earn so many you can swap them for gift cards. I choose Amazon but you can redeem them for anything you have enough for. Amazon is my choice because I like to save them up for Christmas which is a particularly tough time of year for many of us. When you redeem your Swagbucks you’re emailed the gift card of your choice then use the same as you would a discount code. If you have a smartphone there is an app linked to swag bucks which make building swagbuck up even quicker.



sites you can use but I don’t personally




That’s it, for now, i will update as when I find new ways to save ill also add a deals page when I can and link it ( here ) I hope I’ve helped in some way or given you hope when times are hard don’t give up you can do this x

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