The Journey Begins


Hi, lovelies it’s very nice to meet you. I’m Jade mum of two from Bristol.  I am always hoping for a bargain as money is tight as it is for many of us. Sadly it’s not uncommon even in 2018 for families are struggling we have to make do even with constant price rises. Stress is at all time high many people relying on food banks people with and without jobs are suffering. I hate IT!

I’m no expert in any way just one mum making memories on a very small income. I’d love to share money-saving tips and other fun bits with you might be daft but we all need that little bit fun to keep us from being sat worrying about stuff out of our control (i should practice what I preach). Anything from crafts, cheap/free days out, to bargain fashion and beauty ideas may be a few fails along the way just little things that won’t break the bank and will save our sanity.


38282069_2099088523672222_635810891027185664_n.jpglocal walks are good and don’t cost a penny. (my own photo)


With a little effort, there’s lots of fun to be had and we can all feel less sad. As the saying goes the best things in life are free  (or cheap ), wanna find out with me  😀

Jade xoxo





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